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Nothing Special

Dec 01, 2019
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Content: I wasn’t impressed by the items. I made an additional purchase through their website thinking it would change my mind, but again the content wasn’t anything you couldn’t find in other boxes.
Curation & Customer service: The customer service is horrible. They take feedback defensively. Also, I purchase a box through their website to find at its arrival that the content in the box was not as described. Seemed that they were just trying to get rid of items and make several different categories to pick from. Well, the travel one I picked was watercolor items which had I wanted watercolor items I would have picked the watercolor box. I was given a reply saying “well the items are small to travel with”... well all items are approximately the same size. Just a childish and blind response. Not even caring or interested in keeping my business or that I am the one who lost money in this case. (Keep in mind during that communication I was giving feedback and did not ask for a refund.)
Had their reply been positive and honest they would still not have a customer as I did not find the items worth it.
The general feeling I got from the company was the basic “robotic”customer service enhanced with false advertisement.
There are many art boxes and suppliers out there. I will not be purchasing from them again.

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Doesn't ship

Feb 03, 2021
Bradley J.
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Cancelling. Box hasn't shipped yet and I'm already up for a renewal. Going to try and request a refund.

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No box

Mar 18, 2019
Molly M.
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2 months and no box. VERY disappointing.

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