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Woke Witch
by PhoenixArmenta written 5 days ago
Loved Awakening in Box! It was so much fun to get the little treats every month. Started with a small box and loved it so much I upgraded. Really liked getting a box associated with each chakra and also really loved the personalized art pieces. In all a great investment, as my crystal collection is pretty big right now and I give the ones I don’t need to my clients.
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by Kaylene written Jul 06, 2018
This box is pure. I look forward to delivery every month. Each of the items trickle into my life instead of staying tucked away, which is my measurement of a great box.
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I cancelled my subscription !!!!
by Lori written Jul 01, 2018
I cancelled but they sent another one anyways...!!
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Awakening in a Box said...
Jul 02, 2018
Hello Lori! Thanks for reaching out. It looks like you cancelled after your June renewal had gone through on June 1st. Cancelling only stops your subscription from renewing and does not refund anything you have already paid for as specified in the cancellation email. You will receive any boxes you paid for as you normally would (which in this case was the June box). We apologize for the inconvenience. Namaste.
So lovely!!!
by Amanda written Jun 30, 2018
I was really, really happy with this box. The crystals were absolute perfection, and I adored the extras ❤
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Enlightening in a box
by Dawn written Jun 28, 2018
I chose this box because it says I would get more crystal and rare larger pieces, this box was a disappointment i got four small stones I could have bought on Amazon for ten dollars total. I didn't even get one stone only the card. I pay 50 a month and you send me a cheap plastic water bottle??? This box couldnt have cost more than 25 dollars total. Talk about a huge let down. I could take the 50 dollars a month and buy some really nice stones. I really hope this improves or I'll find another crystal box.
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Awakening in a Box said...
Jun 28, 2018
Thanks for reaching out, Dawn. We would love to know which crystal you are missing so that we can get it out to you as soon as possible. We say that the a Enlightened box will include either larger, rarer or shaped (pyramids, wands, spheres, etc) stones that we would never be able to include in our $14 box. We try hard to pick stones that not only go along with the theme, but are staples to every crystal collector and maybe more expensive to acquire or harder to acquire stones. As for the value of the stones, each of the tumbled stones in the Self Love Box retails for $5 (even on Amazon) the larger rose quartz chunks we sent range from $3-$7. The sizes we sent of the Labradorite cut & polished chunk retails for $6-$12. And the word stone retails for $5. The reason for the water bottle was solely to go with the other item in the box, the amazing H2Life Hi-Vibe Water bottle sticker that infuses your water with loving energy as you drink it. We thought it was such an amazing and enlightening product to add to this box and thought wouldn’t it be cool to be able to add a cute water bottle to it so that people can use that sticker right away to feel the loving energy immediately. We would like to thank you for your feedback and hope that we exceed your expectations with our July Overcoming Anxiety Box. Please email us at to let us know which crystal you were missing and with any further questions. Namasté.
High vibin
by Danielle written Jun 27, 2018
I really enjoy the theme of this box. It is self love and included are a variety of ways to bring high vibration thoughts and intentions into daily actions, a true gift to mind and spirit.
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Each month the Box knows..
by Maryann written Jun 26, 2018
I’ve recieved three boxes so far.. each has breathtaking detail, from the curator note that doubles as a mind bending print to the crystals and items that accent the unique theme of every box. Peace surrounds when I open the awe inspiring gifts with magical powers that seem to call to my inner spirit and open my eyes to my true needs. The box always knows how to surprise, delight and teach me something new! Highly recommend this as gift to yourself or a friend. I am eager to renew and keep the magic going :)
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by Timi written Jun 23, 2018
Just got my first box and am so happy to have this subscription! A hefty raw rose quartz (my fave), and two smaller but beautiful tumbled crystals. Sage and shower bomb also included but what I loved most beyond the crystals, were the affirmations and identifications provided with the crystal cards. Thank you for this special gift!
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Love it
by Cindy written Jun 20, 2018
I got the Enlightened box and it was well worth it. I was happy with it. I got a lot of variety and the individual cards for everything was great! Thanks for a great product
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It’s cute for only $15 a month
by Kimmy written Jun 16, 2018
The three crystals were a bit small. It came with one other herbal item. That’s about it. Made me obsessed with certain crystals I never heard before and I have a big collection lol. It’s cute. Thanks for your gifts
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