Baby Eden snackEASE Bundles

Baby Eden snackEASE Bundles

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Jun 22, 2020
Stasha J.
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****if I could give zero stars I would****
This whole experience was not great.
After waiting weeks and having to reach out myself multiple times, which was partially my fault and I accept that but I would think if you're going to be late (no matter the circumstances) it would be common courtesy to send an email blast or any sort of notification to your customers. Especially if you are going to act disinterested or even annoyed by their questions regarding delivery. The tracking number provided did not work for any of the standard shipping companies or USPS and it was untraceable despite being listed as delivered for days before the actual delivery. When the box arrived it was delivered by some second rate delivery service from the back of a pickup truck by a person in street clothes with no insignia or identifying marks on either the truck or employee AND they were smoking with absolutely no PPE on to speak of. Then to top it all off there were literally 5 items in the box quinoa and Mangos I can buy at Walmart or any chain grocery store, one single sesame stick, probiotics I already have, and pregnancy morning sickness pops I make at home for pennies on the dollar. Seriously not anywhere near the hassle or headache.
The response I received from the seller regarding my message above seriously made this a truly well rounded terrible experience... She basically shrugged off my concerns with the shipping company with a "not...

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Baby Eden Bundles said...Jun 22, 2020

Again, we apologize you’re unsatisfied with the delivery driver. We have submitted a complaint to USPS and will notify you of the reply. We wish you the best of luck in the future!