Backpack The World - Cultural Geography Kits for Kids 9 to 15!

Backpack The World - Cultural Geography Kits for Kids 9 to 15!

by Backpack The World
Subscription based Monthly Cultural Geography Kits for kids and teens 9-15

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Apr 27, 2021
Zanita K.
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My son and I were really excited to purchase this box to add to his Social Studies learning lessons. I'm homeschooling my son and needed to find something that would keep his attention during lessons and where he can be hands-on. I also needed something that had all of the material to make planning the lessons easier for me. We received the box sooner than expected. The first box was Italy, it contained a world map, and a smaller detailed map of Italy, some Italian candy, and an Italian dessert recipe. It also contained a letter from a travel pen pal (I thought this was cute), an Italian fact brochure, a DIY Venetian mask kit (only includes one but you can find more on Amazon), and a fact sheet to go along with it. This box also included Italian flashcards for basic phrases and silly saying Italians use. It has information on opera and youtube links. There is one question sheet but depending on the age of your child, I would probably modify this. it also comes with an iron-on flag of the country theme, but unfortunately, I received the France flag patch instead of the Italy flag. The flag colors are similar, so I understand the mistake but I'd just beware of this issue. I decided to order the correct patch from amazon. They were also a few typos in the printouts but we were able to read through them. I only wish this had more of an activity...

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