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A Bad Ass Box for the Real Life, Sassy Mom

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by Andrea E., Jan 03, 2019

I searched and searched for a box as my husband was buying for me as a birthday gift and i seen this box and thought that it was exactly me. My attitude, how i am and would be a good box to get. I seen video unboxing and was so excited and told my husband this was the box. I was so disappointed. I got two lil hand towels, a big plastic stocking flask, a mug and not really much more. Not what i was expecting. The mug is pretty much all i liked and would use, maybe one towel but couldve added something else in place of the other towel. It just didn’t seem like a December box, or something I’m very excited about anymore, hoping they change my mind with future boxes since my husband bought me three months.

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Cute but not worth the price

by Jennifer B., Nov 01, 2018

I gifted this box to a close friend who is a total Badass Mom. While the concept is awesome the items were nothing more then dollar store finds. Cheap plastic and totally not worth the price. Printed materials were of poor quality, blurry and printed with a printer that was low on ink. I was so excited for her to receive her box but ended up embarrassed by the poor quality. Something needs to change either up the value of the items or drop the price.

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Bad Ass Mom Box said...
Nov 06, 2018

Hi Jennifer. We are so bummed that your first impression of our box wasn’t bad ass. In 3 years, this is our first 2 star review. We take your feedback seriously. The plastic item I believe you’re referring to is our 16 oz “drink up witches” wine tumbler. This month we chose a heavy acrylic tumbler vs glass to eliminate the risk of breakage due to its size and with so many other items in the October box. In regards to the printed insert cards, we utilize a professional 3rd party print vendor for all of our printing and insert cards. We will be addressing your feedback and will be immediately changing printers going forward. Thank you! Your box shipped directly from our fulfillment center...

This month was just ok

by Amanda C., Jun 15, 2018

Slightly disappointed with the "discrete tampon carrier" as I've had a hysterectomy and no longer have that issue. The rest of the items seemed to be slightly cheap and the necklace broke within 2 hours of wearing it.

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Never got my April Box

by Misty J., Jun 15, 2018

My payment was a couple days late but I never got my April box. I get a email back from them saying it's coming but I have never gotten a tracking number or a box for this month. With that being said there are only a couple days in April left? I really loved the box but at this point I am disappointed and a bit upset!

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