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Bakers Krate

Sending bakery fresh sweets, straight to your door!

$19.99+ CAD / month
Product Overview
  • Boxes are shipped during the 3rd week of each month. Please order by the 20th to get the current box.
  • Only ships within Canada
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Gourmet desserts delivered every month!
The best things in life are sweet, so our job is to give you the sweet life in every box! The Bakers Krate subscription box delivers unique desserts to your door, monthly! Everything is handcrafted by Canadian artisans, for Canadians. We only share quality gourmet desserts, made with the utmost care and love. Sign up, simply because you deserve it!
  • 5 to 6 creative and decadent desserts
  • Items include: dainties, brownies, cookies, cake jars, chocolates, and much more
  • Packaged and sent straight to your door, freshness guaranteed!
Subscriber Reviews
3.6 of 5 stars
Disappointed this will be the last box
by SC written May 17, 2018
The first two boxes where great,they arrived fast and got tracking right away.The last box is taking long to ship and no anwswers from customer service.I never sign up for a subscription incase something like this happens.That way I don't have to commit to anything if something were to go wrong.
Verified Purchase
yummy treats TERRIBLE Customer Service
by Robyn written May 14, 2018
I ordered a three-month subscription for my sister for Christmas. The first box was great and on time. We then got the EXACT same box with the same treats a week later. I contacted the seller and they assured us that it was their mistake and we would still receive two more unique boxes. The following month we received a box that was a few weeks late so most of the products were expired (very disappointing). After that we NEVER received our third and final box. I have emailed and facebook messaged the owners of Bakers Krate multiple times! Finally, I received an email saying that the box will be shipped the following month and I would get a tracking number. Fast forward a few months later and we have YET to receive our final box or any emails with tracking numbers. I contacted the sellers again but I still have not heard back from them. The few emails I did get throughout this process were rude and dismissive. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. The food was good but not worth the dismal customer service we received.
Verified Purchase
Delicious but poor customer service
by ashley written Mar 15, 2018
The treats in the bakers krate are always absolutely delicious and I love the idea of showcasing different bakeries! Had troubles with shipping though. 2 of my boxes were over 2 weeks late and by the time they arrived both had most products several days expired :( tried to contact customer service and after 2 emails, a facebook message, and 5 business days someone finally got back to me via a different email address than posted on their website. My email was polite and all I received was "We already spoke through this email as it is the best way to contact us. We will add a box to the end of your subscription" no apology for my troubles or anything. I canceled my subscription but since I had prepaid for 6 months, I have to wait until June to see if my "free box" actually arrives.
Verified Purchase
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