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4.3 of 5 stars
by Kayla written last month
Love Barbella Box.
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So dissapointed
by Ryann written 10 months ago
I've had three boxes from barbella, February, March and April. The box is poor quality. The clothing feels cheap and the box is filled with coupons that you can find anywhere. The best thing I've received in the box is the Hip Circle which is only a $25 value. Supposedly the joggers are a $50 value and there has been so many complaints of them falling apart already. The bag from Aprils box is a $45 value. Yeah right. The bag is a joke. I understand that there was a fire that month and the original bag was ruined but instead of finding a cheap piece of crap maybe find something else that's worth that value or send out the same bag remade later. I'm just super disappointed that I wasted my money on this subscription box. I originally ordered because I saw they had a chestee box and an exo box and even an unbroken designs box. These past few boxes make Barbella look like a completely different company compared to those boxes. Hopefully they step up their game in the future.
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Awesome Box
by Kristen written last year
I have received 3 boxes so far and I am really happy, I can't wait what is in the next one. Also, the team at barbella is great about contacting subscribers to give us a heads up if they figure out a product is going to be a bit big or small so we can change your size if needed, very cool!
Love this box
by Sara written 2 years ago
BarBella Box gets better and better each month. It's worth way more than the price and is my treat each month. I am in love! Highly recommended.
Awesome but $$
by Stephani written 2 years ago
I loved this box and wished I could keep my subscription, I just cant justify the $50/month for it. There's some great gear, and great samples, I just wish there was more for the price!
Verified Purchase
by Konnie written 2 years ago
Good items every month, although I wish every month included a tank or tee of some kind.
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Happy Customer (and wife!)
by Samantha written 2 years ago
My husband bought me a BarBella Box for my birthday 2 months ago. He was planning on just ordering one as a gift... little did he know I would make him keep it each month. I am big into working out- particularly weightlifting. It's my release from reality and my one time to get away from the kids (every mom needs some ME time lol). BarBella Box has become the one thing each month that is just for me! I've gotten some great workout gear and also have gotten the chance to try amazing treats like the BuffBake Red Velvet peanut spread which I am now addicted too lol. I will be sticking around to see what else they have in store :)
totally worth the price... im hooked
by Vanessa written 2 years ago
i signed up for this box last month and couldnt believe the great quality of the products. i saw pictures of the february box and was sad i didnt subscribe earlier but i am so glad i finally did. next month is the lauren brooks box and i cant wait to get the sunflower exosleeve knee wraps! ive been wanting those but never got around to buying them. this box is so worth it!
My Favorite Subscription Box EVER!
by Callie written 2 years ago
I've been part of a few fitness boxes, but nothing felt like it was made for me... until Barbella Box! Most boxes feel really manly and are kind of boring when it comes to the apparel they include. But Barbella Box has blown me away for the past 3 months. They have the best apparel out there and choose items that are perfect for women like me. I couldn't be happier with my new subscription. -Callie
I am loving Bar Bella Box!
by Abby written 2 years ago
I signed up for this box in January when they first launched and the boxes just keep getting better each month! The first month, I got an adorable sports bra that fits so well and is super comfy. That alone cost the amount of the entire box. I also got some snacks, supplements, and it was the the Andrea Ager box- who I love! In February, I got a tank, a workout planner, and other amazing things... again, valued at way more than I paid. This month was my favorite! We got Sweat Cosmetics makeup that I was DYING to try and other goodies. I am hooked on Bar Bella Box! They have a lifetime customer in me!
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