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4.8 of 5 stars
by kangnam written 10 days ago
I live in wisconsin and it came super quick and the treats were handmade in wisconsin,also the bandana was wide enough to fit his collar.
Love, Love, Love!
by Jennifer written last year
I love this monthly subscription! Having a larger dog it is hard to find anything that will fit her. The bandanas are perfect way to dress my pup up and the hole for the collars keeps it from falling off. Plus my pup loves the treats!
by Bailey written last year
I get so excited about a new bandana every month! My boy looks adorable and I love how they go over the collar so you don't have to worry about them falling off at dog parks, etc. My dog also loves the little cookies included each month and I love that they are made with wholesome ingredients!
Love it! (except for the shipping $)
by Caroline written last year
I really loved this box! The bandana is adorable and my dog loved the treats that came with! We would have continued to receive this box except for the shipping cost, because $10 (for xl) is doable, but $15 not so much.
I received my first bandana!
by Casi written last year
I am super happy with being a subscriber to this! I just received my dog's first Xsmall bandana today. I love the pattern and design. She really likes the treats that came with it. She seems to enjoy the bandana, and it seems comfy for her. Thank you so much! I look forward to next month's bandana.
Adorable product!
by Mary written last year
Puggie is so happy every time his monthly bandie arrives. Not only is he happy to put on a new bandie, but he always looks forward to the treats as well!
by Stephanie written last year
The scarves were so cute and my dogs loved the treats!! Thanks so much!
So Cute!!!
by Hailee written last year
I loved the themes and the reversible bandanas. Amazing quality. I highly recommend if you're a dog lover :)
She waits for the brown envelope
by Donna written last year
My dog loves getting these in the mail. Let's face it, she probably likes the fact that they come with treats. I enjoy getting a new bandanna for her every month, and they are reasonably priced too. Cute fabric every month and reversible. We just signed up for a second year.....
Give your dog some swag
by Donna written 2 years ago
I love these monthly bandana's. Each month we are excited to see what will come in the mail. They are so cute and well made. They even come with a little treat inside, the box, not the bandana. They make a great gift for someone who gets a new dog, or for Christmas and such. My dog checks the mail to see if she smells something that is for her.
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