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Bathing Buddiez Monthly Subscription Boxes make bath time a fun learning experience!
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Jan 26, 2021
Erika M.
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*update* the company uses the excuse of “it got sent back* BOTH times they “replaced” missing items. They refunded me PART of the subscription and then decided to deny my child future boxes because I left a bad review. So BEWARE if you are unsatisfied and leave a review as such they will unsubscribe you. Do you feel comfortable buying from a company that bullies clients into good reviews?
Does not consistently come with a “buddy”. Quality is an issue and you are left tracking down the company and they tell you how they will fix it without follow through until you nag them. Basically if your ex husband were a subscription box 😹 misleading, reviews seem staged (what is educational? We have gotten nothing educational so far), listing is inaccurate, communication is lacking. Didn’t give it minimum starts solely because its a great idea, just terribly executed. Also they do include good bath bombs, the price is reasonable. So just keep expectations low

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Bathing_Buddiez said...Jan 27, 2021

I am so sorry that you feel so strongly about this. While your review is NOT positive, I still value your opinion. As you personally know, I have TRIED AND TRIED to accommodate you. While I can fix most things, I cannot fix them all. After you have gone on our Facebook and made negative reviews, asked over 3 negative questions, and have emailed me continuously (even after I have tried to relieve you of these issues)...we have shipped the Buddie again. I have admitted my faults and completely understand your frustrations. But please - let's be fair.
To be very clear (after you have falsely accused our business multiple times), nothing about Bathing Buddiez is fraudulent. And this review is so...