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Beware - terrible company policies

Mar 05, 2019
Barbara W.
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I ordered a three month/three box set as a gift to my father. He mostly enjoyed it I think, but when you place your order, you are forced to set it to auto-renew (there is no other option) and the only way to cancel is to email their customer support. They don't warn you when its about to renew, they just send the confirmation email AFTER the fact. I emailed them back within 30 minutes saying it was a mistake and my subscription needed to be cancelled, and they refused to refund my money or cancel the order. I have several other subscriptions (dollar shave club, lola, blue apron, etc) and none of them use these awful tactics. They send an email a couple days before the next order, they allow you to skip/pause/cancel online, and their products are actually great. Really disappointed in BBQBox and I intend on sharing my story everywhere possible, to hopefully keep others from falling victim to their tactics.

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Loved it!

Apr 15, 2018
Dan M.
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Can’t wait to use our goodies!

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