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  • This "I Am Love" kit will start shipping on March 13, 2020. Order by the last day of the month to be included in the next shipment "I am love" kit. Your card will NOT be charged again until the next Manifestation Kit ships.
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BE Manifestation Kit - Tools for Manifesting LOVE
$49.95 This kit is full of unique and beautiful mindfulness tools to help you manifest your best life. Use the "I am love" journal, affirmational jewelry, essential oil, and more, to call in your greatest desires.
  • The tools in this BE Manifestation Kit help you to focus on creating more love in your life and raising your energy
  • Items in the box include: one-month guided practice vegan leather journal and reminder affirmation pen, affirmational jewelry, essential therapeutic oil, and other tools for spiritual growth
  • Flat rate shipping within the United States (contact us for International Shipping information)
  • All products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Box Value $132

Sneak Peek

BE Manifesting Kit "I Am Love"

This BE Manifestation Kit is all about manifesting LOVE. Whether you are looking to call in your soulmate, bring more love in your existing relationship, or build up your confidence with more self-love… this kit delivers you the tools you need. The “I Am Love” Manifesting Kit ships in March 2020. Contents include: "I Am Love" Journal, Pen, Bracelet, Ring, Essential Oil Blend, Affirmation Cards, Share Cards and guided manifesting meditation app.

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The subscribe button is working now!

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No. Same experience here and I notice that there is no price provided.

by Sally R., January 2020

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