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Beauty retailer Dermstore's exclusive subscription box offers a range of designer brands for all your hair and skincare needs. Receive acclaimed luxury products and discover new solutions to look and feel your best each month!

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Awesome box

by Michele M., today

I just received my first box and it was amazing. I recieved 6 deluxe size samples and 2 full size. Totally worth the money

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Great Sub Box

by Karrie M., Mar 16, 2019

This BeautyFIX box will fill your need of trying new items to try for your beauty regime. I have used this for several months and love how the products seem to be just for me. It is a great way to try products before you buy. I always get excited when this box arrives full of goodies. I go through them one by one and savor each new item I get. If your looking to try new beauty products, give this box a try. You wont be disappointed.

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BeautyFIX Box February 2019 Review

by Jami P., Mar 08, 2019

I get very excited when I see the turquoise Beautyfix box arrive on my doorstep each month because I know my skin is getting a dose of much needed TLC for the next 4 weeks. Since I have started receiving these boxes, I have switched over to a face wash that came in the January box, but for eye cream, serums and moisturizers - I have just been experimenting with what I get in the boxes. My skin has honestly never looked better! Who knew?

I'm going to put this out there right from the beginning, I'm not sure that the February box is going to be everyone's cup of tea. The Beautyfix box is usually chock full of goodies and it feels like Christmas every month - but this month, the box is a little light because they included 2 pricier products. If you're pumped about the products, you'll be psyched about the box... but if not, you might be feeling like me... already looking towards March.

The first of the pricier products is the Lip Plumping Roller by ORA. They say this product will roll your way to plumper, smoother lips. Pro Tip: It's not supposed to hurt. Light pressure is all you need.

I've gotta tell you, I just can't get fully on-board the microneedling bandwagon. I received a full face microneedler in a different subscription box and I just don't find myself grabbing for it. I'm pretty no...

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Revitalizing skincare and haircare products from luxury brands each month.

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