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Me Time

by Better Dayz
A Self-Care box that promotes stress relief, good vibes, inner peace and balance.
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If sold out shouldn't be allowed order

Apr 11, 2020
Robin W.
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I was really confused trying to figure out what exactly happened here I ordered the box expecting to get a big box of goodies (shown above) and this ENVELOPE came in the mail with a small bag in it (with broken zipper). I contacted the Better Days asking if this was a welcome package of some sort and the box would be coming after...? Their response was sorry for your dissatisfaction, feel free to cancel. I got a deck of playing cards, two bite-size chocolates, a tiny booklet the size of your hand with maybe 40 pages, and very small colored pencils about finger length. MAYBE five dollars worth of junk. I'm beside myself. If they were sold out - you should NOT be able to order from the site - and if something here changes I will remove my review.
Update: I have requested a refund and still have not received my money back.

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Waste of money!!!

Jun 04, 2020
Marie H.
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Subscribed for 4 months

I received a pencil case full of a deck of playing cards,a notebook,crayons two small chocolates a magnet and a small canvas I paid over 45 dollars per box when it took forever to get here was posted a month after I ordered and what I received wouldn't even be worth 20 dollars...was promised a refund when box didn't arrive and it never came...I will be reporting this person dor ripping people off!!...DONT ORDER FROM HERE!!!

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Canceled subscriber

Aug 11, 2020
April R.
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Subscribed for 6 months

I had the poor decision to do a 6 month subscription. Every month came with something that I don’t think I ever used. They were cheap products that I could find at the dollar store, Thank goodness that this is the last box. I got a disgusting banana face mask, liquidity travel size bath gel and bath bombs, aroma oil(??) that smells terrible, and a ripped box on arrival. I begged to cancel but my pleas went ignored. I would advise anyone to read closely with what they are getting. I was sadly disappointed and discouraged because I could have gotten something else better suited for myself with the money I essentially donated.

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