Smartass & Sass *BIG BOX* Subscription

Smartass & Sass *BIG BOX* Subscription

by Smartass and Sass
Get a monthly dose of sass! 5-9 full-size items + a hilarious shirt to make you laugh your a** off.

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$50.95/ month

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Three strikes - Done

Dec 29, 2022
Krista T.
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Subscribed for 4 months

I gave this company the benefit of the doubt several years back when I gifted my eldest daughter (or I tried to) a 3 month subscription for her birthday. Their shipping/arrival times are horrid and consistently inconsisitent. The only thing I have found dependable is the spam emails, those I can always count on. I made the stupid mistake of gifting myself a 3 month sub for Christmas this year. I've received 2 of the 3 boxes and just like several years ago, I had to chase down the first box, the 2nd box arrived shortly after (on time) and my final box has STILL not been recv'd by USPS and that is coming directly from them; but on Cratejoy it shows a tracking # and states it was shipped Christmas Eve. I have no doubt I will likely NOT receive that last box that I pre paid for, bc as of right now, it's vanished into thin air, bc USPS says it doesn't exist. SO frustrating! I will never ever use this company again - you know the saying, "S*rew me once....". I paid extra for the tshirts and the two I've recieved I would hardly catergorize them as sass or smarta**, their "basic". The one thing I was looking forward to and I got "basic", pick it up at Walmart shirts. I've purchased funnier shirts off Et*y. The other items in the box have been as expected - funny, smarta**, quaility items. But honestly, I've subscribed to other...

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Smartass and Sass said...Dec 30, 2022

Hi Krista,
I'm so sorry you've experienced so many delays with your boxes. These shipping delays are definitely frustrating. You will absolutely receive all the boxes you've paid for. If you don't see movement on your tracking in the next couple days, please reach out to customer service so we can get a replacement on the way to you. We appreciate your feedback and are sorry you've had such a negative experience.

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