Big Lu's Party Box

Big Lu's Party Box

by Big Lu Dog Treats
Big Lu's Monthly Box of Natural Dog Treats!

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A better plan than last year

Aug 21, 2022
Genny E.
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Subscribed for 3 months

About a year ago I did a 3 month subscription which I termed a loss as I gave most of the treats away. My dog was under impressed with most of the treats. This time a friend with a dog that enjoyed most of last year's treats suggested we split the treats and cost. My dog Oreo got about 1/3 of the treats and Remi got the rest of the first bag. We split the cost 50/50. A savings for both of us. Both dogs are very happy. I get to pull what my dog wants first and then his dog gets the rest. It works for both of us and the dogs.

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