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Jul 15, 2020
Andy H.
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1. I received an email from someone I don't recognize saying that Cratejoy did not charge me enough shipping
2. They wanted me to click on a link they sent through a gmail email to pay more money - this doesn't seem right!
3. I already paid the $20 for shipping, this does not make sense to me
I feel kind of like I am being scammed. I ordered a product, pay the $20. U.S. for shipping (which is already high) and then they email me telling me it is $40, but want me to pay an extra $22, which would bring it is $42 U.S. not $40, they wanted me to make this payment by some link sent that they email me, that would bring shipping to $42 U.S. which first of all is insane! I would never pay $40 U.S. for shipping! and that would make it even more than they said the error was, which is off. I feel this is dishonest and and very NOT OK. I contacted cratejoy and they DID NOT recognize the email that I received this payment and link from!! VERY VERY STRANGE!!
Also, I order TONS of boxes, I have probably ordered over 15 in the last month from cratejoy alone and have NEVER seen $40 for shipping!

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Bit O'Magick Wicca, Witchcraft & Paganism Shop said...Aug 04, 2020

I'm sorry you felt that way. I was being very honest with you and it was due to my using cratejoy for the 1st time that I had the shipping cost messed up. I have always been completely straight with my customers as has been attested on my website's client's satisfaction page. And the shipping cost is what I've been quoted by the USPS. I'm sorry you felt something was off but I can assure you that everything I do is COMPLETELY LEGIT.
I gave you a complete refund as soon as I saw the mistake that was made.