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Bliss Kit - a curated experience of enlightening rituals, natural products and empowering wisdom

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Blissfully Happy

by Vanessa V., Feb 04, 2019

Bliss Kit really blew me away!

From the moment I received it, from the packaging to the products--it was so clear that every step was thought out and intentional. First, the packaging was beautiful, making me add subscriptions to the kit as a top option for gifts for special occasions in the fu.

Once I opened the products, the scents all paired so well together, and once I settled into the experience, I was completely calm and relaxed. Adding the synced playlist just rounded out the experience. I can't speak highly enough about my experience with this kit and the best part is your gifted enough product to have the same experience at least three times. I can definitely see me adding a couple of these products into my daily or weekly routine.

Looking forward to the next kit!

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by Marilyn P., Jan 31, 2019

The Bliss Kit was just what I needed. Loved it so much that I got them as gifts for my mother and a friend. They enjoyed theirs as much as I did. I'm looking forward to my next kit. Such a wonderful idea. Thank you! Marilyn

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Bliss Kit said...
Feb 04, 2019
Marilyn, Thanks so much for your review! So happy to hear that Bliss Kit has been a positive experience for you and your mother and friend. Warmest wishes, Julie Moses

Perfect gift to ease stressful times

by Julia B., Jan 01, 2019

I'm currently remodeling an apartment in Hudson New York. I was up there visiting the week before Christmas and was feeling stressed about all the perils that come with remodeling. My bliss kit just happened to arrive that week and I decided to treat myself to a bath. It was sensational using the bath bomb. Feeling my blood circulate throughout my body using the dry brush and then moisturizing my dry skin using the body butter. I managed to block out all the worries I had about the remodel during that DIY spa experience and it was great! So great in fact that I then decided to gift a bliss box as my Secret Santa gift. I can't wait to see what is in the box in ~3 months time! Need them to come sooner!!

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Let The Bliss Begin!

by Aimee H., Jan 01, 2019

Self-Care with my new Bliss Kit was the perfect gift to mySelf. Following my first ritual, I've now made the commitment to stay healthy and balanced as an ongoing practice. Overlooking what can do wonders for my hectic lifestyle is no longer an option for me. By implementing this healing and nurturing ritual of body brushing, the calming aroma of the bath fizzers, lighting my candle, and putting on my Green Tea Mask... I now have the these carefully chosen tools to "release, relax, and let go" (as yoga instructor Chris Stein says.) This is truly the best way to restore balance in your life in this New Year and beyond. My Bliss Kit and Self-Care is now a priority, not a chore. Let the Bliss Begin!
Aimee Hyatt, DogaFit

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Pure bliss!!

by Kate O., Dec 31, 2018

So not only are the products divine and top quality but the literature included is well written and informative. I say Ahhhh! So glad I have a blissed out 2019 to look forward to!!

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Why Didn't I Think of This?

by Dewayne P., Dec 30, 2018

I gave Bliss Kit as a gift to a friend who would never in a million years get it for herself. When she received it she was, to say the least, ecstatic and appreciate. Which, of course, is when I realized that I stumbled onto the perfect gift for those persons in my life--partner, friend, family--for whom gift-giving is a huge challenge (read: pain in the butt). Who could possibly refuse a gift of relaxation, self-care and wellness wisdom? Bliss Kit arrived in beautiful packaging in time for Christmas, just as promised. From now on, I will default to Bliss Kit for all the difficult giftees in my life. Superb! Now--and I know that this is a start-up--but when, oh, when, does the men's version launch?

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Blissed Out

by Lynn A., Dec 30, 2018

Absolutely love my entire Bliss Kit experience. It's like a magic box with all the elixirs and candles and potions. I especially LOVE LOVE the body brush and candle. I start my morning routine now by lighting my Bliss candle, then say a little blessing, and start my nurturing routine. Thanks Bliss Kit...can't wait for my next box.

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Best Gift in Years

by Charles W., Nov 26, 2018

I purchased Bliss Kit for my wife's birthday and she loved it. She is super stressed out from her job and other commitments, and she took time to experience the ritual and came out glowing...and then smothered me with affection. Can I get a subscription for the rest of our lives? :)

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by A.l. M., Nov 19, 2018

Pretty pink box full of my favorite things! I am a bath person and love this box!

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by Beth G., Nov 19, 2018

Counting the hours until I can use the contents of my first Bliss Kit. What a terrific value! I'll get a whole lot of decadent baths out of this box. I challenge another customer to post a photo of her/himself in the green tea face mask!

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