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Feb 03, 2020
Kim S.
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So, if anyone wants to purchase any of this stuff, which I do not recommend. First, the day you receive it, even if you are in the Emergency room, be sure to run home and get it because You HAVE to send a photo of broken jewelry the FIRST DAY you receive it, or they do not give you your money back. They tell you that their jewelry will come with in 48 hours, mine did not come till 7 days later, and that was only because I called them on it. It is a bunch of crocheted stuff anyway, 3 strings and some beads, and they call it wonderful. I have never been so disappointed in a company as Blue Lily jewelry. There customer service is awful, rude and co not want to hear from you. Have fun if you purchase. It really sucks.

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BlueLily Jewelry said...Feb 03, 2020

We regret the misunderstanding and what happened with your package. But since you placed your order late on January 24 and as we let you know on our page you must request your Subscription before 11 to receive the current one. You ordered late and we still decided to send you the subscription of the month running. We had considered sending another subscription at no cost, but clearly you let us know that it was not what you were looking for. From the first time you contacted us you were hostile. In the images you can see what was sent ,and how it is packed. We sent a gray set and flower set, which according to the descriptions of the mini box...

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