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Do you want to try Japanese DIY ice cream candy or Green Tea Kit-Kat? How About Bulgarian Milk Bars? How about all-in-one s'more morsels from Denver? Bocandy has got you covered. With out wide range of subscription boxes, we can introduce you to a mind-blowing amount of treats, snacks, candies, and imported specialties.
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  • Best selection of imported and craft candies and snacks
  • Info about each treat
  • 5 different boxes to choose from
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Subscriber Reviews
3.8 of 5 stars
February Bocandy Review
by Aaron B written last year
An assortment of snacks from all over the world
Full Review
Waste of Money
by Anna written last month
The actual box was nothing like the pictures or advertisements. Everything arrived in a jumble without any descriptions or organization. It was supposed to be a 3-month gift subscription but instead they got three of the same box back to back. The boxes were also supposed to be from different countries but it was a guessing game as to which because again, nothing was labeled. I am going to guess the candy cost them about 1.50 because everything was tiny and cheap looking, like dollar store candy. I am very disappointed and will never order from this company again. It is obviously a scam.
Shipments not on time
by Marissa written last month
2 Xmas' ago I got a yearly subscription for my 8 year olf nephew. He LOVED it! It was almost always on time. He wanted it again this past Christmas, so I renewed. So far this year he has received 4 of 9 boxes. Emails to the company result in similar "held up in customs" excuses. We got a tracking for this month 2 days ago, but the package still hasn't been picked up by the post office. I'm super disappointed, and so is my nephew.
Terrible- stay away!!
by Bonnie written 2 months ago
How is the star rating at 4 star with so many bad reviews? I bought a subscription for my son's birthday and it's been such a disappointment. We didn't receive monthly boxes, and when a box did arrive, it had stale expired candy that I could have bought at the dollar store down the street. Nothing unique, no description, it's like someone went to a dumpster behind the dollar store, gathered up random expired snack type items and threw them in a box. That's what you get. So bad, can't say that enough.
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