Bocandy Introduces you to new international and indie snacks!

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  • Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
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Do you want to try Japanese DIY ice cream candy or Green Tea Kit-Kat? How About Bulgarian Milk Bars? How about all-in-one s'more morsels from Denver? Bocandy has got you covered. With out wide range of subscription boxes, we can introduce you to a mind-blowing amount of treats, snacks, candies, and imported specialties.
  • Free shipping on taste box
  • Best selection of imported and craft candies and snacks
  • Info about each treat
  • 5 different boxes to choose from
  • Special Gift Subscription Option
Subscriber Reviews
3.9 of 5 stars
February Bocandy Review
by Aaron B written last year
An assortment of snacks from all over the world
Full Review
by Joshua written yesterday
Buyer, beware! This company will take your money and you get NOTHING! Bought a gift subscription, received shipment notification, and 42 days later, the shipment is still "in transit." From Michigan to Louisiana. Really? BoCandy is "looking into it" and "can't ship out a replacement until they know what the problem is." Seriously? Meanwhile, they've charged me for another month. Stay away from this company!
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Ghost Company
by Felipe written 5 days ago
It has been 4 weeks and I have heard nothing from the company at all. They sure did charge my bank in under 4 seconds. Anyways, thanks to the people who have already been scammed, I pulled and cancelled my subscription. Lastly, I disputed the transaction with my bank, since I didn't even get a receipt for payment. Yeah guys, sorry this one is a loser. Skip to another.
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Poor shipping
by Mary written 14 days ago
I'm 5 months into a 6 month subscription and only one of my boxes arrived on time. I'm still waiting for a box that they shipped over two weeks ago according to them. When I asked where my box was I was told some of the shipments were delayed waiting on candy from whatever country. As for the candy itself, it's not terrible, but not good either. In the 4 boxes I have received so far, alot of the candy was the same. I've gotten that salasaghetti in every box. Also it says that it gives a description of the candy but there is no information at all. I honestly can't wait for my subscription to be over so I don't have to deal with this company again.
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