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Your Introduction to New International and Indie Snacks!

Plans as low as $9.58 / month
Product Overview
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
What You'll Get...
Do you want to try Japanese DIY ice cream candy or a Green Tea Kit-Kat? How About Bulgarian Milk Bars? Bocandy has got you covered. With a variety of subscription boxes to choose from, we can introduce you to a mind-blowing amount of treats, snacks, international candy, and imported specialties.
  • We offer 5 different boxes of snack themes!
  • Starter box: 5 to 7 delicious snacks inside for $9.99+/month
  • Big Snack Box: $21+/month
  • Asian Candy Box: $21+/month
  • Beef Jerky Box: 4 packages of premium jerky for $30+/month


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Got a box 4 months later

by Cassie P., Jan 31, 2019

I ordered two subscriptions to give my husband for his birthday in late September. I ordered Facetory, yes he loves doing face-masks with me as we Netflix and chill, and we LOVE it!!! Great customer service, packaging was amazing, insert was engaging and informative. It was a lovely experience. I got a bit concerned about this box after waiting a month and not receiving a shipping email (I ordered late September hoping to get the box by October 25th, but waited until November 1st before I was concerned). I thought I may have read the info wrong so I went back to my receipt and the page and checked and unfortunately the shipping info was not on there It only stated it was a monthly box. I sent a short email asking about their shipping schedule and went on about my day. Two weeks later I remembered the box, it’s been about 2 months now, I emailed again asking about the shipping date. I waited a full business week and emailed again just asking for a refund (this was not a quarterly box it stated a monthly box on the listing). The Cratejoy team was extremely helpful and tried to get ahold of the box owners to see what was going on. They did not get a response. I emailed and asked for a refund, I did not process a chargeback and quite frankly forgot about it. It’s now almost February, 4 months later, I get a shipping notice for...

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Don’t do it

by Ashleigh H., Dec 27, 2018

I prepaid for 3 months on 7/30/18 and never got any boxes. Emailed them at the beginning of October when I realized it was set to renew and the said they’d notify the shipping team. It’s been almost 3 more months and still nothing. I did cancel my subscription but would love a refund on what I already paid honestly. Too bad I didn’t research the company a bit better.

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They are terrible

by Melanie E., Nov 29, 2018

They charged me for five boxes I never received and ignored my emails. They sent one box about one month after they charged my card and then nothing. This company is terrible. I wish I never did business with them.

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Waste of money and time

by Jada A., Nov 26, 2018

Not worth it at all, try other international candy boxes

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good bocandy

by Alison R., Nov 24, 2018

bocandy is the best anf you shid have some

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What the $&#@$!!!

by Lisa L., Nov 10, 2018

What can one do to get their money back from these scammers?

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Waste of Money and Time

by Jessica M., Nov 07, 2018

Bought this for my sister in law for her birthday. She never received. Inquires to seller went unanswered. Now waiting on cratejoy to refund my money.

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Wish I would have read reviews....

by Ashleigh H., Oct 08, 2018

I decided to try this out thinking it'd be fun so I signed up for a prepaid 3 month subscription. October rolled around and I happened across an old e-mail about it. I signed in to my account on their website and my subscription was set to renew 10/31 but I had yet to receive ANY boxes. I e-mailed them and they say they've passed my info on to the shipping team but after looking up more reviews I am unsure when I will ever get anything. When you look at all of their social media none of it has been updated in 1-2 years. I can't help but wonder why/how they're even still in business....

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by Suzanne C., Jul 03, 2018

I have been waiting over a month and not received anything.

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Still waiting

by Haley B., Jun 15, 2018

Its been roughly a month and a half since I ordered my Asian bocandy box and it still hasn't arrived :/

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