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$9.99+ / month
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  • Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
"Bocandy is an awesome box of the Bo Candy, I really loved every type of food in it."
What You'll Get...
Do you want to try Japanese DIY ice cream candy or a Green Tea Kit-Kat? How About Bulgarian Milk Bars? Bocandy has got you covered. With a variety of subscription boxes to choose from, we can introduce you to a mind-blowing amount of treats, snacks, international candy, and imported specialties.
  • We offer 5 different boxes of snack themes!
  • Starter box: 5 to 7 delicious snacks inside for $9.99+/month
  • Big Snack Box: $21+/month
  • Asian Candy Box: $21+/month
  • Beef Jerky Box: 4 packages of premium jerky for $30+/month
Subscriber Reviews
3.7 of 5 stars
February Bocandy Review
by Aaron B written 2 years ago
An assortment of snacks from all over the world
Full Review
by Laura written 7 days ago
I ordered a subscription for my son for Christmas. The first two boxes he received contained the same candy. One chocolate bar was a different flavour in the second box but everything else was identical. When I contacted the company their response was that they use what they have available. I guess it's technically still a variety of treats in the box but it's the same variety each month. Disappointing.
by Anita written last year
I ordered a 3-month subscription in July for my son's August birthday. It's now November 13 and he has received only one box of candy. He did enjoy it, but we are waiting on two's been a loooonng wait. Disappointing.
by Netta written last year
I gifted a year-long subscription to BoCandy, and four months in I can tell it was a terrible mistake. 1) PACKAGES DO NOT ARRIVE ON TIME. I waited a month for the first box to arrive, and when it didn't I contacted customer service, which replied with a "we ship when we ship". I waited another week for the package. 2) PACKAGES ARE SIMILAR EVERY MONTH. This is probably the most disappointing. Each of the three packages we received contained almost identical candies. I contacted customer service about this as well and was answered with: "we ship what we have in store. sucks to be you". So if you received some kind of candy you don't really like, in our case - three varieties of tamarind candy - well, good thing you subscribed and cannot get a refund for that. 3) ALL CANDY IN BOX IS CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. I wouldn't really mind this had everything else gone smoothly - the company's gotta make a profit somehow - but since in this case it seems like they are cutting corners on literally everything, I thought I'd give it a mention. In conclusion, this box is a total waste of money and the customer service is exceptionally bad. DO NOT GIVE THEM THEIR MONEY.
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