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Your Introduction to New International and Indie Snacks!

Plans as low as $9.58 / month
Product Overview
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
What You'll Get...
Do you want to try Japanese DIY ice cream candy or a Green Tea Kit-Kat? How About Bulgarian Milk Bars? Bocandy has got you covered. With a variety of subscription boxes to choose from, we can introduce you to a mind-blowing amount of treats, snacks, international candy, and imported specialties.
  • We offer 5 different boxes of snack themes!
  • Starter box: 5 to 7 delicious snacks inside for $9.99+/month
  • Big Snack Box: $21+/month
  • Asian Candy Box: $21+/month
  • Beef Jerky Box: 4 packages of premium jerky for $30+/month

Subscriber Reviews

Don’t do it

by ASHLEIGH, Dec 27, 2018

I prepaid for 3 months on 7/30/18 and never got any boxes. Emailed them at the beginning of October when I realized it was set to renew and the said they’d notify the shipping team. It’s been almost 3 more months and still nothing. I did cancel my subscription but would love a refund on what I already paid honestly. Too bad I didn’t research the company a bit better.

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They are terrible

by Melanie, Nov 29, 2018

They charged me for five boxes I never received and ignored my emails. They sent one box about one month after they charged my card and then nothing. This company is terrible. I wish I never did business with them.

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Waste of money and time

by Jada, Nov 26, 2018

Not worth it at all, try other international candy boxes

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