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The waiting game

by Raifah L., Jan 03, 2017

I rated it 3 stars because i've seen their good stuffs and this is the first snack box i have ordered. Minus 1 star because the waiting is killing me. They said it will take around 3-4 weeks for international orders to arrive. Who waits that long when some snack boxes can arrive less than 3 weeks. Again minus 1 star because the courier they use is slow and delays everything. I paid more than the candy box price for the shipping and yet it seems like the update as to where my box is is taking forever. International Orders with fast and updated tracking information is very important in businesses like these. So yeah, total is just 3 stars.

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Taste box

by Savana R., Dec 03, 2016

Took awhile to get it a little over 2 weeks , when I did get it some of the candy was smashed one bag of fruit snacks had expired a little over a month ago. The chocolate was really good though.

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by Bobbi E., Nov 07, 2016

Got this as a gift, just to try out before I even thought about subscribing. It was all candy. Wasn't expecting it at all. Was hoping for snacks, different cultures and all. Most were Japanese and a couple Mexican.

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Good Candy but...

by Dani C., Oct 23, 2016

There was a great selection of candy, though at least half the box was strictly Japanese. That said, the shipping is crazy expensive and two of our items were a month past the "best by" date. These items were American so not sure what the excuse is for that...

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