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A subscription box that is filled with gifts & goods provided by survivors, influencers, & brands,
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Bochy's Box: give back, get back.

Bochy's Box is a subscription box that is filled with gifts & goods provided by survivors, influencers, & brands, whose mission is to empower and restore exploited women who are rescued out of sex trafficking.

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Q: Can someone please list or otherwise demonstrate what comes in this box? The photo and descriptions provided are very vague and it's hard not to suspect the reviews because they scream "fake."Asked by Kara L., January 2021


Q: Is this a monthly box or a quarterly box? I thought it was a quarterly box, but when I went to sign up it has monthly options. Asked by Blanca C., November 2019

Thank you Laura!

by Blanca C., October 2020

It’s quarterly. I think the monthly amount is just a breakdown of $250/12 to give an idea of the monthly cost. I’m sorry it took a year for someone to answer this question.

by Laura H., October 2020

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Bochy’s Box for victims of trafficking

Oct 16, 2020
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Laura H.
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Subscribed for 2 years

I’ve received 5 boxes now from Bochy’s Box. Items curated are a mix of whimsical and practical but always fun. In my opinion not every subscriber will 100% love every item in every box....but this last box and the box before came very close for me! For example the beach hat was perfect! I used it all summer. They could lay off the scrunchies for me personally, but honestly it’s a great mix of home, fashion, positive vibes, jewelry and beauty items. It’s also a mix of higher end and Target type items....I love both! I’ve done sub boxes for years although normally it was a particular theme such as makeup or nail polish or beach-ocean themed items. I’ve done 2 of the type of sub boxes that are a broad blend like Bochy’s Box. For me the Bochy’s box is right up there with the nicer boxes and not nearly as expensive. Who cares if something comes from Target? I love Target! Also I’ve been involved in interceding for sex trafficking victims for years and women’s prison ministry for 11 years.... some of whom fall in the prior category, so you better believe that the bigger picture is always at the forefront when I open my Bochy’s Box. I commend the Bochy’s team for their hard work, creativity and sacrifice. If anyone is considering trying out Bochy’s Box, this box comes with my highest recommendation. Remember there is no perfect box. I’ve tried at least 10. Bochy’s comes very...


Jun 16, 2020
Loriann G.
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I love this box and the amazing products and brand that join in to support this mission. I love opening my box and finding the products and notes made by survivors.... but even more than that, I love that I am able to save women from sex trafficking.

Impressed. High quality. High value.

Jun 16, 2020
Ann G.
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This box is beautiful. I’m impressed with the quality of products. The value far surpasses the cost, and it is for charity. I usually gift one or two items out and get to tell the recipient how their gift is helping to end sex trafficking. I recommend this subscription box.


Aug 18, 2020
Reagan A.
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I found out about Bochy's Place from a friend who was so passionate about the founder of the ORG. After hearing her speak at a little gathering I too became fired up and wanted in.. LOL I am so excited about being a part of this amazing mission. I love everything that Bochy's Box stands for and the need they are meeting in the Bochy's Place safe house. Not only do I get to be a part of something so rewarding. I also receive amazing companies that have donated items to this Box. I tell everyone I know about BOCHY'S. They have something they say...." When you take a step, she takes a step"
.... subscribe... you'll get it LOL


Aug 04, 2020
Jade S.
1 Review

This box is amazing, and comes with the best and cutest products!!!
It makes it even better because all of my money is actually going back to healing + restoring victims out of human trafficking!!

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