A curated monthly book club for kids ages 0-10. Discover new titles to grow their love of reading!

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You won't regret ordering
by Angelica written 7 months ago
We're 3 month in to our subscription. Bookroo has been nothing but a welcome package every month. My kids have loved every single book. We read them like there's no tomorrow
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Thoughtful Way to Present Books!
by Joyce written 10 months ago
Bookroo is a great way to discover new books that we wouldn't have otherwise picked up on our own. The picture books are great for little ones who are beginning to learn how to read. We received the books in a box with the fun Bookroo logo and was pleasantly surprised by the lovely gift wrap the books were wrapped in. This would be a wonderful gift for both kiddos who love to read, as well as encouraging those who are hesitant to start reading because the books have characters who are relatable.
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Great Quality & Unique Books!
by Tucker written 10 months ago
Love love love Bookroo!! I love that the books you receive are unique books that you don't see often. You don't have to worry about receiving a book that you already have. My little man loves getting a new box every month! I can't wait to see his face light up as he unwraps the books! I highly recommend this service. Worth every penny!
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Wonderful Subscription!
by Jacob written last year
What a great experience! The books were varied and ones I wouldn't have necessarily found otherwise - there's at least one in each month's box that we read every day! The books are wrapped individually which makes the delivery that much more exciting for our little one. 10/10!
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Quality and Kind
by Henry written last year
Love this! I bought a couple of subscriptions for my friends for their children after my kid loved it. The customer service is wonderful and I love seeing a package of literacy on my doorstep every month.
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Very personal able company
by Raven written 2 years ago
Tonight I was asked to finish sign up for a Bookroo gift I was sending. I was having issues and within 30 minutes Jane had responded to my email and finished my order for me! What a personal able company. Never would have expected this service from an online subscription let alone during the holiday season. Thank you Jane and Bookroo!
My first box? Instant hit.
by Tiana written 2 years ago
The books came individually wrapped, making opening the box about 50x more exciting for my daughter, and she loves the books. I can only hope the rest are so on point with my daughter's loves.
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Misleading for Canadians
by Ashley written 2 years ago
The subscription itself is great, and I was so excited to get this subscription. I checked out and they gave me my receipt, in USD, it came out of my bank in CAD. Too expensive for me, as a Canadian but great subscription for anyone in the USA!
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Great for little bookworms
by Kallie written 2 years ago
Bookroo has sent us wonderful selections so far. I appreciate that they are books and authors I haven't heard of, or that aren't seen everywhere. I would love to be able to look back on past boxes before I signed up to see what books I missed out on though.
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Pleasantly surprised!
by Ashley written 2 years ago
Just received our first Bookroo box and we're pleasantly surprised! The books are great quality that will withstand my toddler. My favorite part is that they're unique titles that you can't just find on the shelves of your major big-box stores.
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