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A unique monthly subscription for reading, romance, and bathtime.

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Love the bath bombs! Books - not so much
by Jade written Oct 31, 2018
I love these boxes because of the bath bombs and other goodies that come with the box, the books - not so much but I am picky about what I like to read. The bath bombs are the best I have come across!!
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Awesome subscription
by Patricia written Oct 29, 2018
I've had this subscription for awhile now and have loved every box!!
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Loved my box
by Anna written Oct 27, 2018
I was blown away by with my box this month the book looks amazing everything smelled amazing and the little knick nacks are so so cute !!!
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Books and bubbles box #1
by Lindi written Oct 13, 2018
I really loved the bath bomb that was in this months box. The size was perfect as was the smell. However, I didnt care for the smell of the goat soap. The fragrance is strong when not used but when put on the body you cant really spell the soap. The book wasn't as bad boy Romance as I originally thought. This book reminds me of a normal harlequin romance book. A little disappointing there. Everything else I enjoyed.
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Really Like (not love) This Box
by Jade written Oct 07, 2018
This is my 4th box from them and this is a mixed review. PROS: love all of the campfire swag, the bath bomb, the incense (I do not usually like incense but these smell just like a campfire - YAY!), the pinecone, etc CONS: The book - I'm picky about my romance books and western romances just don't do it for me Past Boxes have been about the same with one exception - the first box - I LOVED everything, even the book; the other boxes I liked the swag a lot more than the book choices. I'm keeping my subscription
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by Madi written Oct 04, 2018
I just received my first box the other day & I love it!!! I'm not sure what to do with some items that it came with (rustic burlap flower & wood slice)! I ordered a past box originally and sadly it had just ran out not to long before I ordered it. But Bubbles & Books has great customer service when it came to switching it for a different box!!!
This month was ok
by Jade written Oct 01, 2018
My first box was great - a book that I would normally pick up and read, the second box was ok - the goodies were way better than the book, but the last 3 boxes have been more western or sweet style of romances - not my thing. The soaps & bath bombs are fantastic and leave you smelling so good and your skin very soft. I could do without the incense in the past 2 boxes (I threw mine out). So for right now I'm ok with this subscription but if the next box is along the same lines then I will cancel.
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SO much fun
by Samantha written Sep 27, 2018
Not only is this a fabulous subscription service with lovely books and goodies every months, Bubbles & Books has a fun and robust on-line community with monthly group events. Would highly recommend! Come join the party!
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by Shakera written Sep 27, 2018
I loved my September box! It has a great theme and smells great! I know i just got my new box, but I'm already anticipating the next one and may be gifting my sister a box as well!
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Amazing service
by Ashley written Sep 27, 2018
Love this monthly box with all my heart! But not only do you get a monthly romance and relaxation boc but an awesome community with fun FB events and new friends! Recommend to anyone and everyone!
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