Bubbles & Books
A unique monthly subscription for reading, romance, and bathtime.

$24.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.6 of 5 stars
by Amanda written Apr 29, 2018
Every box is a surprise and is very well thought out! I love receiving them and look forward to the next one every time I receive the current one!
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Not thoughtful; disappointing
by Brook written Mar 26, 2018
I'm so disappointed in my subscription. The book they sent was the last book in a 16-book series. Maybe the series is good, but I have to purchase and read 15 more books to catch up! The book itself is an Avon mass market paperback and was marked as a remainder. Generously, I'd put the value at $3. I'd value the bath things they added at $9.
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Love Love Love
by Elizabeth written Feb 16, 2018
I have really been happy with this subscription. They timely send out their box and I've never had any issues with shipping. I think the products have been great. I have also enjoyed the books. I would definitely recommend as a gift for any romantic book lover!
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Great Subscription Service
by Gina written Dec 27, 2017
I just got my first box yesterday and I'm in love! I got a book, a soap and three other products. All of the bath products seem like they're high quality and I'm loving the book so far. This subscription is great for busy women that want to unwind after a busy day. I'll definitely be keeping my subscription and look forward to my next box.
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Very amazed!
by Rebecca written Dec 04, 2017
Very good quality book, the hand made soap smells amazing and I can actually see rose petals in it. The bath bomb smelled like a lemon drop and both my kids were fighting over it. I also had to fight my daughter so that I could keep the amazing mermaid metal book mark. Very pleased with all the products and loved the little surprise gift also included
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Love it!
by Alia written Sep 08, 2017
This is now my favorite subscription box because I loved the book I received THAT much. I read it all in one day and I'm a VERY picky reader.
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Swept away box
by Farrell written Aug 21, 2017
Thank you!!! This box has the perfect mix! It has a great book pick by a known author - a vegan (lavender and lemon grass) bar of soap and vegan body butter!! Who doesn't love vegan products!! It also had a tiny sample of perfume which was nice! The highlights of this box for me were the fact that it contained vegan products, as well as a very beautiful and well made mermaid bookmark.
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So excited!!!
by Amby written Aug 20, 2017
So, after looking up reviews and watching an unboxing... I thought I'd get a book, a couple of bookmarks, a bite size piece of chocolate a soap and a thank you card. Instead I got a book, one bookmark, a soap, a thank you card AND a BATHBOMB!!! AND.... the bookmark that I got was unique and fun, (it makes your book page look like a shirt!), instead of your average bookmark! I don't expect it to happen every time, but I was thrilled to find the bathbomb in place of the chocolate and one of the regular bookmarks! I am more than pleased with my very first Bubbles & Books box!!! 😊 And to top it off... the bathbomb is lemongrass, which is my favorite scent for those, AND... the soap has a rose scent which I LOVE!!! I am feeling so spoiled right now!!! ❤️
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So much fun!
by Emily written Aug 16, 2017
This is definitely my favorite box I've subscribed to so far! I love the bath products they include and, so far, the historical romance novels I've received have all been topics I'm interested in. This is such a fun, relaxing subscription box.
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by Allie written Jul 27, 2017
The sheer amount of what can be packed into this sweet little box, astounds me! All the items were absolutely perfect, made from the highest quality and so, so well thought out. Such incredible work and Love goes into it. This box has worked it's way up to be in my top three favourite boxes of all time already! Total keeper <3
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