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A unique monthly subscription for reading, romance, and bathtime.

$27.99+ / month

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4.5 of 5 stars
Mommy Time Indulgence
by mary written 6 days ago
Absolutely love Bubbles and Books. I’m a romance book fan and the Bubbles box is perfect. I get to sink down in my bath with yummy smelling goodies and a new book each month.
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Great boxes!
by Sydney written 6 days ago
Love these book boxes! They contain much amazing stuff and the books are great too. I've had to hide the bath stuff from my kids who like it as much as me
Boxes are getting better!
by Jade written Aug 01, 2018
I wasn't crazy about the first box (June) because it was wedding themed (I'm not a wedding fan, at all) but the second box knocked it out of the park! The second box (July) was beach themed and I loved everything in there - even the incense (they don't smell like the incense we used 20 years ago). Anyway - loved everything in there. Will keep my subscription.
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Sadly Disappointing
by Tamara written Jul 06, 2018
This company has great customer service and great bath products but flopped with the book. I ordered the bad boy box and got a fun light sexy read. I guess that’s not my definition of a bad boy romance. I won’t go into details to spoil it for everyone else. If you want a light fluffy read with some great soap, this is for you.
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Extremely Disappointing
by Tasha written Jul 03, 2018
The bath bomb and soap were FULL of dyes and who knows what other harmful stuff. The book was a mediocre re-release from 2013. I expected much more and didn't get it. The theme didn't even fit as I expected. If I order a Mystic box, why am I getting wedding themed products? Save your money. Pick up some Epsom salts and a book from the library.
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Another great one!!
by Patricia written Jul 02, 2018
I always read in the bath, it's my way to get an hour (or two!) of book time! And this box comes with everything you need! Always great bath products and books!!
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Love it!
by Ashley written Jul 02, 2018
Absolutely in love with this box. It is like Christmas every month and I love the bath bombs and soaps chosen. And so far all the books have been great! Definitely worth the cost and it forces you to just relax a little bit.
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by ShannonHunt written Jun 16, 2018
Loved the books and the bath stuff! The price was just too much for me once converted to Canadian! Great book choices though!!!! <3
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Books and bubble
by Nicole written Jun 08, 2018
I love this box it was a great gift for me
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Great box & superb customer service
by Suzette written Jun 04, 2018
I purchased a mystic bubbles and book box subscription for my mother for mother’s day. She recently got her first one and absolutely loved it. Great quality items. On a side note I was over charged $3 on my credit card for some reason, when I notified the company they addressed it right away, apologized and refunded it expeditiously. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t encountered customer service like that in a long time. I would highly recommend this company. Such a wonderful experience!
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