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A unique monthly subscription for reading, romance, and bathtime.

$24.00+ / month

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4.7 of 5 stars
not what I expected
by Inda written 9 months ago
The book was ok but not very long and I didn't like the scent of the soap I got it made me sick. This box was just not worth it.
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by Nicole written 9 months ago
This was my first box. Pleasantly surprised. 😁
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by Chellsey written 10 months ago
The book I received was a nice thick book and fit the bad boy kind of box. I was a little disappointed with the stuff that was sent with it. All in all not bad Especially when you don't know what books to buy, this way i get a book every month. But i could make it for less
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by Carmen written 10 months ago
Can't wait to get my next box!!
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Love this box
by Shawna written 10 months ago
I received my first bubbles and books box and am very pleased. It came with the book of course but it also came with a mask, soap, bath salts and a super cute notebook. Very happy with this box.
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Box of awesome!!
by Cindy written 10 months ago
I just recently received my first box. I am a subscription book box junkie and subscribe to many, I loved everything in this box. What a treat everything in it was and the book looks amazing. What a reasonable price for everything that came in this box. I am impressed and will be a subscriber for a long time!
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by Rebecca written 11 months ago
Now I may be a tad biased here since I love everything books. I love this subscription. The box I ordered was a paranormal one so I had no idea what book I was going to get. It turns out it wasn't one I would pick for myself which is part of the fun of subscription boxes after all. I'm in it for the surprise and to try new things and get outside of my comfort zone. My box came with bath salts which I'm glad for. After all what is a bath without bath salts? I also got a small piece of chocolate which normally I would stuff in my mouth right away but I just started a new lifestyle that includes eating healthy so a friend of mine will be getting a treat today! Included was also this adorable little notebook upcycled from old library cards. It's so cute and of course I can never have enough notepads, notebooks or any random collection of papers. After all, readers do tend to have many many interesting thoughts. Over all this subscription is not as costly as some and that in and of itself makes it very attractive. I am excited to read this strange new book and a full review of that will be available on Goodreads.
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Very nice!
by subie written 11 months ago
Great box Of goodies. Haven't read the book yet, but it's a 2016 publication. Also in the box was a great bar of soap, bath salts, and a little piece of chocolate. Great box for the price!
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by Michaila written 11 months ago
This box so far has been one of my favorite book boxes (i even prefered it to owl crate) I loved everything i received in the box and although i havent had a chance to read the book yet the synopsis had me instantly intrigued and it is sitting by my nightstand for me to start TONIGHT when i go to bed. Great Job Bubbles and books look forward to seeing more from you ----Michailareads.
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Good box!
by holly written 11 months ago
Just got my first box and love everything inside as well as the creativeness that went behind it!
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