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A unique monthly subscription for reading, romance, and bathtime.

$24.00+ / month

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4.7 of 5 stars
Pretty Good Box
by Myda written 11 months ago
I've been subscribed for 7-8 months now. The books and soaps are good products and I enjoy the products for the baths (soaks) when I get them, but most of the time you do not get "bath" products. So the items other than the book and soaps are a hit or miss. Some months I get tealight candles and a packet of tea, others I get a scrubbie, sometimes a face mask, but rarely do I get products to soak in the bath with other than a BAR of soap. Out of the 8 months I've been subscribed, I've gotten 3 bath products other than soap to use. I'd say it's a good box to get if you want a book and a bar of soap, but the other items are a hit and a miss. Not everyone gets the same stuff in each box (for example, I had a Luxe subscription, so not everyone that gets a Luxe box that month will get the same book or the same products. It will be a hodgepodge mixture of whatever they have in stock for that box that month). So expect a different quality of items each month, the only consistency being your book and soap.
Good product for the price
by Krista written 11 months ago
I have tried about 4 other book subscriptions, this one was perfect for a rainy day, or just relaxing. I thought the items that were delivered were up to par with the cost. I would recommend this as a gift to your bookworm friend , or for yourself as a "one a month" get-away. You won't be disappointed!
Verified Purchase
by Michelle written last year
I am officially 2 boxes in, and I couldn't be happier! The first box had a glittery magical bath bomb, rosemary soap, a loofah, a sassy bookmark and a great book. The one I just got the other day has some yummy chocolate truffle soap, a sample of some perfume, a face mask, a cute corner felt book mark and another amazing book. I love that I keep getting goods that are handmade by some amazing people who are taking the time to make things fresh and with care. And the books are authors I haven't heard of or just haven't picked up yet but I am so happy to read. I am enjoying it immensely! If you love bath goods and you love a nice romance read definitely pick this box up, you won't be disappointed!!
Verified Purchase
by Nicole written last year
I just love my first box. Such a fun thing to receive. The only way to make it better is a glass of wine!
Verified Purchase
by Melissa written last year
When I first heard about this subscription, I knew it would be the one for me. I enjoy reading and nice bubble bath after the crazy days I usually have. I had a small shipping issue and they immediately fixed it! I was beyond impressed with how good they were at customer service. If you're looking for a little unwind and book subscription this is the one for you!
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What a delight!
by Lex written last year
In my first box, I received cold compress salt soap, a pink sponge, an apple-scented bath bomb that fizzled like crazy, flavor mix-ins for water bottles with two little festive umbrellas and a funny bookmark plus the novel. They were all wrapped in gorgeous glittery tissue paper. I've greatly enjoyed the novel so far, even though it's not my usual reading material, and the bath stuff has been delightful!! I wish I had started this box sooner. I can't wait for next month.
Verified Purchase
by Daphne written last year
I just got my first box yesterday and I love everything in it and can't wait to try it all out. It has everything you would need for a wonderful evening in.
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This was perfect!
by Kayla written 2 years ago
I loved this box so much!!! The concept is great and so are the products! What's better then a sexy romance book and a warm bath?! NOTHING! Also the soap and other products smells amazing! Overall love this and the owner on the company is very sweet and helpful! If your looking to relax and swoon this is perfection!
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by Ashley written 2 years ago
This was my first box and I loved it! I received enough items that it's definitely worth the monthly fee. I can't wait to see what I get next month!
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Absolutely LOVE this box
by Amber written 2 years ago
Bubbles & Books might not seem to standout at first glance because after all, there are plenty of bath/bodycare boxes and plenty of book boxes. It's pleasantly surprising how organically the two meld together to make such a unique box. It's truly an experience from opening the box to finishing the book. You get the immediate gratification, but the enjoyment also lasts. Another cool aspect is that you can either keep the book or pass it on to a friend. Sometimes things can pile up when you're getting monthly boxes. Books are something one can enjoy collecting or give as a gift once they are done. In my Paranormal March Box I received Organic Goat's Milk Soap, a romance novel called "Crashing Souls", and to my surprise a third REALLY COOL AND UNIQUE product: a mini Buddha Board. Mini Buddha Boards retail at about $15 on their own, so at $24 you're definitely getting your money's worth. If you need to treat yo self or know someone who does... get this box. From the packaging to the products, everything gets an A+ from me.
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