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Books & Baths

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Books & Baths delivers a themed box with a matching candle, bookmark, and 1-2 additional items.

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Love it!!

Sep 27, 2019
Tandy F.
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What a great box!! This came nicely packaged. The box and book were delivered together inside a USPS box so nothing would be damaged. ( unfortunately, ny mug had a crack and I was told it can't be replaced but I was offered a discount in next box) The book was individually wrapped which I think is really thoughtful. The themed items are great! I love how it all goes together. The candle, potpourri, and sugar scrub smell so good and they are all obviously from small businesses that have that personal touch. I'm excited to use my new treats and I'm definitely ordering again! I have and still do, subscribed to numerous kinds of boxes and this is one of my faves!

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