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Get brand new stories that thrill, excite, and educate! Save money AND discover new authors, diverse stories and characters, and engaging narratives that tackle today's most relevant social issues! We select the best new release each month so you never have to worry about finding the perfect read.
A fully immersive experience which includes one gift-wrapped young adult novel, specially curated music playlist, and our book club guide that includes reading and TV/movie recommendations, thought-provoking discussion questions, and a fun activity like recipes or puzzles each month. Perfect for ages 13+ , Treat yourself (or them) to the latest and greatest young adult reads without breaking the bank. Comparable to Amazon’s pricing (often even less!) sign up to discover a year of great new reads with Now in Books , Get the stories everyone will be talking about! Bestselling and critically acclaimed young adult titles from a wide-ranging selection that includes coming-of-age stories, social themes, romance, mystery, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and more! Readers will find diverse characters and stories that represent them and engaging social themes that address today’s most relevant issues, broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, encourage open dialogue with family and friends, and promote avid reading all while providing relaxation. , Curated by experts! Readers know good stories and our small team works directly with publishers to research and review hundreds of releases each month to identify the best new stories for our subscribers. Our mission is to expose readers to new authors, diverse voices, and stories that represent them and tackle today’s most relevant social issues.

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Photo of undefined current box December 2021: YA

December 2021: YA

Seven champions compete in a secret tournament to the death.

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