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3.0 of 5 stars
by Catherine written Sep 06, 2018
A six month subscription and never received a single book. Sad.
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by Jo written Sep 03, 2018
Never delivered or responded to mails
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by Rebecca written Aug 20, 2018
Bookvoyage sucks. I ordered three boxes and only received one. No one from the company will respond to emails or messages on social media. Dont waste your money. Scam.
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never got the box
by Kate written Aug 12, 2018
I ordered a box for my friend in June. It was supposed to be a gift for her graduation. She never got the box. I got an email telling me that there were some problems with the shipment. I emailed them later asking where is the box but nobody replied.
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Not worth the price
by Airrie written Jun 11, 2018
I liked the few months but I slowly realized its not worth the price tag. You get 1 book, a little bit of something to drink for example 2 packages of hot chocolate and something to eat. Sadly they give you the smallest possible food and drink items. What am I really paying for when they can get the boxes out on time and barley but anything in the box. There are a lot better box clubs to choose from. Unless you are in the UK I don't see this being worth anyone's money.
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by Aleksandra written May 29, 2018
This is simply a scam. DO NOT ORDER THIS! They will not ship out your parcel until you remind them multiple times. I paid for three separate boxes and only ever got one! That means they took £30 from me for nothing in return. Please do not make my mistake and give these people money as it will only stress you out and cost you your hard earned pounds.
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Gimme a C! Gimme an R! Gimme an A and P!
by Emma written May 19, 2018
I live in the UK (where this company is also based). All I can say is, if you are happy emailing them every other day, and waiting three months for each box to arrive (but still paying for the others in between) then this is the service for you! I received February’s box at some point in April/May. (Again, UK based seller and UK based customer - it would’ve arrived quicker if the postman had decided to take a cardboard box with him around the world and filled it himself). I was contacting the seller frequently, sometimes getting one line emails telling me to just wait a bit longer for it to be delivered, others promising to provide me with tracking codes when it had been dispatched, then providing tracking codes that didn’t exist. Others said there were delays within the postal service, of which Royal Mail had not mentioned anywhere themselves. I then received another email response (after plenty of others) saying it was ACTUALLY their service centre that hadn’t even sent the box out in the first place! If I could’ve rolled my eyes any harder, I would’ve been able to see the back of my skull. Don’t expect to find any information on their website or social media pages to corroborate any “problems” they’re experiencing in getting their boxes shipped/delivered/whatever else they feel like saying on a particular day either. They seem like a shy bunch, unless it comes to online promotion, of course. You must liaise with their world class customer service staff for any shred of information every step of the way. Evidently, this service is fine for some who have found that their expectations have been met. However, a near 50/50 split in good and bad customer reviews isn’t very promising. The boxes are ok, but the hassle it can take to get them is far from. Go to a bookshop instead. Subscribe at your own risk!
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Books ok. Delivery is not!!
by Kai written Apr 19, 2018
If you are not able to hit your self set deadline of shipping the box out, ammend your Dates. It's now the 3rd week of the month, Money for the next box already booked, but old box not even send out yet. If you do not care that you wait weeks and pay for several boxes before you get one at all, go for it. If you are impatient like me, stay away big time.
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Silly Americans
by Caitlin written Mar 20, 2018
I live literally across the world, and if you ignore the 'deliver by' date, it's totally fine. No, there's not tracking, and no, the dates don't mean anything. But if you're patient, it is rewarded. Great books, cute treats. It's such a fun, immersive experience. Highly recommend.
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by Emma written Mar 08, 2018
Paid for February’s box, which was supposed to be sent within the first week of the month - still not been received. Been fobbed off in the emails and the seller has now just stopped responding. No information available via website or social media pages regarding any “delays”, won’t provide tracking code to prove box was shipped, no response to request to have another box sent/refund. Cancelled my subscription and removed my card details, because I imagine they’d be more than happy to keep charging and not fulfilling orders. AVOID.
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