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Not worth the price

by Airrie, Jun 11, 2018

I liked the few months but I slowly realized its not worth the price tag. You get 1 book, a little bit of something to drink for example 2 packages of hot chocolate and something to eat. Sadly they give you the smallest possible food and drink items. What am I really paying for when they can get the boxes out on time and barley but anything in the box. There are a lot better box clubs to choose from.

Unless you are in the UK I don't see this being worth anyone's money.

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Books ok. Delivery is not!!

by Kai G., Apr 19, 2018

If you are not able to hit your self set deadline of shipping the box out, ammend your Dates.
It's now the 3rd week of the month, Money for the next box already booked, but old box not even send out yet.
If you do not care that you wait weeks and pay for several boxes before you get one at all, go for it. If you are impatient like me, stay away big time.

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Not impresed

by Viktoria L., May 19, 2017

Between the i cm thick book, the small coffee package and the tasteless cookie, which was broken into crumbs upon arrival, I am not sure how this was worth it. I do not feel very inspired.
The book was pretty though.

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