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Product Overview
  • BOOM!Box is a QUARTERLY subscription that ships the 1st thru 15th of Feb, May, Aug, & Nov. NEXUS is a MONTHLY subscription that ships the 18th thru end of the current month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Themed Deliveries of Fandom, Fashion & Fun!
There is a whole new world to be discovered in subscriptions! The Nerd Misfits of Espionage Cosmetics are curating packages that fuse the joys of fandom, fashion, & fun. Choose your adventure!
  • If you choose BOOM!Box: Each quarter you will receive 4-8 theme specific items, including 2 new nail art designs!
  • If you choose NEXUS: Each month you will receive 2 new nail art designs & the opportunity to vote on which design joins our permanent #NerdManicure line.
  • All items are created and curated by the Nerd Misfits of Espionage Cosmetics (est. 2011), a nerd niche haven specializing in Nerd Makeup & Manicures…it’s a thing!
  • Active subscribers gain access to special parts of and get 50% OFF rounds of NEXUS OP that include 2-4 heavily fandom infused nail art designs. These are random quests that spawn and a ton of fun to participate in!
Subscriber Reviews
4.9 of 5 stars
February Boom!Box Review
by Karlie H. written last year
“I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.” -     Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
Full Review
by Jenna written 12 days ago
I have subscribed to Espionage Cosmetics' Boom!Box and Nexus since they first started them, and have never regretted it. The Boom box is always chock full of goodies, and there's a wide variety. All boxes will come with at least one or two nail wraps, and often makeup - beyond that they definitely mix things up a lot. The thing I love about Espionage is that it tends to be what I call 'subtle nerdy'. Most things that come in both the Boom box and Nexus tend to fall into general sci-fi, fantasy, science-y nerdiness, or tend to only hint at specific fandom things. Mostly it just looks really pretty and cool, which means even if you know nothing about the properties they're hinting at, it's still worth getting because its gorgeous. The price is good for what you're getting and it's great for all ages.
So much nerdy goodness
by Tenitia written 19 days ago
I had a serious subscription box problem for a while, which we all know can become an expensive thing. When I culled my subscriptions, the Boom Box and Nexus subscriptions are two of the very few that I kept. They are seriously that awesome. Espionage is a female owned and run company that makes products to appeal to fellow nerds. Usually when a company does nerd cosmetics, nail products are barely included or omitted altogether. This is not the case for Espionage, and their nail offerings are just as robust as the other things they offer, even to the point of having a nail exclusive subscription option. Their wraps are the easiest to apply that I’ve found so far, and seriously durable. They live up to their claim of lasting for weeks, especially with the application of topcoat, and even for someone like me who works in a setting where I have to wash my hands multiple times per shift. I originally subscribed to the Boom Box so as not to miss out on any exclusive wraps, but variety of products I’ve gotten has not made me regret it one bit. In the Boom boxes I’ve gotten not just makeup and nail wraps but art, jewelry, bath products, tshirts, stationary and notebooks, hair accessories, gourmet candy/treats, and more. The themes are fun and you can tell the products are carefully curated to fit, as well as being of very high quality. I continuously recommend Espionage’s products and subscriptions to everyone I know!
by Sarah written 22 days ago
I've been subscribed to both BoomBox and Nexus ever since the start and I have never had a disappointing delivery. I'm not usually one for "mystery box" sort of subscriptions but I am SO glad I have both of these.
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