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Welcome to Box of Shadows; a "Wicca-inspired", subscription for eclectic souls!

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Product Overview
  • Orders typically ship between the 1st-10th of each month. To get the current month's box, orders must be placed by the 4th of that month. All subscriptions renew on the 15th of each month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Join the Circle!
Welcome to Box of Shadows; a "Wicca-inspired", subscription for eclectic souls! We deliver curated boxes of worship supplies, altar decor, craft tools, jewelry, and pagan related gifts fit for any eclectic path. Circle Members also receive carefully researched resources and guidance to help facilitate a personalized practice.
  • 3 box tiers: The Initiate (beginner), The Priestess (explorer), The Supreme (advanced seeker)
  • What you can expect: herbs, gemstones, jewelry, altar decor, pagan & metaphysical books, and much more!
  • Never run out of basic supplies like candles, sage, and incense!
  • Great for new and seasoned Seekers alike!
  • All subscription payments are final after 24 hours of subscription renewal or purchase.

Sneak Peek

October Box of Shadows

Our most anticipated box of the year is available now! Samhain, known as The Witches' New Year, is celebrated October 31st. This is the time of the year when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and we pause to honor our ancestors. This box will take Initiates through the basics of this sabbat, Priestess members will dive deep into working with the energy of the season, while Supreme seekers will contemplate the lessons of this year and how they shape the next.

Order by October 3rd to get this box!



Q: Would you be able to buy one box? Also during the subscription can you cancel whenever you need too?Asked by Toya I., May 2019

Box of Shadows answered...May 2019

Greetings! Yes, subscriptions may be canceled at any time. To avoid
renewal, subscriptions must simply be canceled or put on hold before the
subsequent renewal date (typically the 15th of each month).


It was always very easy for me to cancel or just order one box. Many times, I had to cancel after just a box or two and it was always super easy to cancel as well as reinstate my shipments. If you just want one bos, place your order then cancel the subscription after the first box is in process. Easy!

by Steph H., June 2019

I canceled last year yet they’re still taking money from my account...I have not received any boxes as I moved...please refund me you charged me again on 5/15... I don’t live in Mew Jersey anymore!!!

by Tracey K., May 2019


Q: Merry Meet! I am looking for a subscription box that is vegan and animal cruelty free. I have ordered several boxes without asking, and have been saddened that both used animal products. Would just like to be sure before I buy this time.Asked by Thia K., June 2019

Box of Shadows answered...June 2019

Merry Meet Thia! We carefully select items that are cruelty-free and
eco-friendly whenever possible. Very rarely do we include items made with
animal by-products.


You can request that no animal products be used in your bos. when you order, you can email or contact them and say that you do not want any animal products in the box. Their customer service team is very accomodating.

by Steph H., June 2019


Q: How much is shipping? Asked by Kaitlyn P., September 2019

Box of Shadows answered...September 2019

Our subscription boxes ship domestically via USPS Priority Mail for a
flat-rate fee of $8. International shipping is $25 flat rate.


Shipping for the US came out to $8. I wouldn’t know out of the country but I would estimate probably around $10-14. I have ordered subscription boxes outside the US such as UK and typically I pay around $14 for the shipping. Hope this helps.

by Rachael L., September 2019

It says shipping is $8 but I am guessing that is within the U.S. and also the box is 24 if you choose to only pay for one month.

by Patricia P., September 2019


Q: How can I just get a box for one time?Asked by Jadyn, August 2019

Yes. You will have to subscribe and then cancel your subscription right after the first box processes. You will only be sent the one box that way.

by Steph H., August 2019

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