BREO BOX: Tech, Gadgets, & Lifestyle

BREO BOX: Tech, Gadgets, & Lifestyle

The Ultimate Tech and Lifestyle Subscription Box. Elevate your tech game and embrace a luxurious lifestyle! Top of the line tech innovations and premium accessories delivered quarterly

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Disappointed :(

May 10, 2021
Tracy H.
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My first impression upon opening the box was this is a "COVID" box. wireless ear buds, a sanitizing wand (I likely will not use as you have to hold the wand over the area you want to disinfect for some time - not practical in my opinion), a liquid soap dispenser, liquid gel soap, a coffee cookie to keep your drink hot (warm). All these things represent to me germ killing, handwashing and virtual meetings, i.e. the "COVID" box. The one item that was great was the smart plugs. I am excited to put those to use as I received two in the box. I was hoping it would appeal to me more as I have decided to gift subscription boxes to the family this year and am trying out different ones for the men in my life. I was disappointed. What I thought was going to be a cool technology box, just fell short of the mark. Bummer.

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