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Falls short of Expectations

Sep 10, 2020
Laura C.
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I really wanted to love this gift box but it falls short in my opinion. The shirts are not from actual breweries. They are Brewski Shirts, that they print with different brewery logos. I ordered the vintage shirt, expecting a thinner, slimmer shirt like we have bought at different breweries but it is just a regular t-shirt. Also, the shirt came in a plain, thin, plastic white envelope. I had ordered as a gift and thought the presentation would be better.
On a plus, the shipping was fast and it did come with a sticker from the actual brewery.

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Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club said...Sep 12, 2020

Hi Laura,
We're sorry to hear that you were disappointed.
I'd like to comment if I may to clarify some of the points you made.
The shirts do come from us, but it is a collaborative program with actual Breweries.
We feature the Brewery itself as well as a Brew that they select to highlight in the package. Every Brewery does things differently and this is one way we can showcase their specialties.
I understand your thoughts on the shirt itself. Its hard to please everyone with a clothing item, but it is a quality tee with a lightweight and more form fitting style than the classic.
Lastly is the packaging. We also would prefer to dress up the presentation, but I can assure you that this is done to...