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October to December 2020

Dec 22, 2020
Kirk L.
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*PREFACE* I am Active Duty Military currently stationed overseas, so some of the shipping times due to Covid and where in the world I am, is not on the seller. I do not fault them for that.
That being said, I placed my order for my first box on or around October 31. I was charged immediately and the shirt didn't ship until late November. Shortly after shipping of the first order, I was charged again for a second month. I feel as if even if I were in America there is still not enough time between shipping and renewal to decide if you like the product you purchased. I reached out via the contact seller option on this site, 2 different emails, and neither one was replied to. So I canceled my subscription. I finally received the initial shipment on December 21 after being charged in October. (not all of the delay is the company's fault) I just did not appreciate that it took almost a month between being charged and shipping the product out, I got charged twice before receiving anything, nor did I appreciate getting no response on either attempt to contact the seller.
However, I am really happy with the shirt that I did receive. Junction Craft Brewing. The material is great and the design is fantastic in my opinion. Kind of a minimalist style design on...

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Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club said...Dec 23, 2020

Hi Kirk,
Thank you very much for your honest review. We appreciate this feedback.
It's exciting for us to ship to Military customers. We never really know where it's going, but it's a honour to have our product appeal to members of the armed forces.
Thanks for recognizing the current state of shipping. Your correct that the COVID condition is making shipping pretty unpredictable. International shipments are being quoted by shipping carriers at up to 75 business days!
This being said, you are 100% right that you should have the opportunity to check out the package before your charged for the next. The system cuts off orders on the 20 or 21st of each month to allow orders to get built then shipped, in hopes of arriving before renewal...