Brunch Candle Box
Monthly artisan candles delivered right to your doorstep. Candles with a cause.

$12.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

3.6 of 5 stars
Very Disappointed!
by Marie written Apr 20, 2018
I purchased a 3 month subscription for my daughter in law and she never rec the 3rd month! What is worth I am getting no where trying to either have the 3rd boxed shipped or a full refund! Would nevee buy from this company again! She loved the candles but who wants to fight to get your order for 2 months!
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Cocktail Candle Box (it was "okay")
by Julie written Jan 15, 2018
I purchased the candle box with excitement over the contribution of a meal to someone in "need" as well as the candle I would be receiving. The candles lasted maybe a day or two max & came with a small food treat (pretzel/cookie). I wasn't as thrilled with the investment as I can contribute a meal to any charity and purchase my own candle at a local retailer for less. While it was fun to try, it's nothing I plan to continue. I've found similar competing monthly subscriptions to be more affordable and of better investment!
Great gift
by suzanne written Jul 25, 2017
I bought the year subscription for a birthday gift for my friend. She was so excited to get her first box. She said she loves the candies, the quality is great and was thrilled to receive the surprise gift. I will be buying the year subscription for myself.
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Great gift
by Garrett written Jun 09, 2017
Bought this as a gift for my girl friend and she loved it. Box was adorable and the avocado face mask was a great touch.
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Definitely recommend trying
by Ryan written Jun 09, 2017
Fun box! I got great scents with a fun gift that ties into the theme of the scent. Last month they sent me a Bath Bomb as my surprise gift which was fun to try. Better priced than any other candle box I've tried.
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