12" Bully Sticks - Bundle of 10

12" Bully Sticks - Bundle of 10

by Bully Bundles
Monthly delivery of 100% all-natural, thick, and low odor bully sticks.

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Couldn't fool my dog, not her brand

Jan 10, 2022
Ellen P.
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I decided to try these since my dog is a bulky stick hound and there is nothing she loves better. She will not chew on these.
She carefully licks them and then turns her head looks away and ignores it. Even if I try to fool her and take it out of the bag from the other manufacturer (who claims to be best) she still rejects it. I thought she was not herself or coming down with something. Unbeknownst to me I still had a small old one from the other brand. So I offered it to her. She immediately took it.
Got to trust my girl. I’m just going to have to spend more money per bully stick and give less. I had really hoped this would work.

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