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Help your dog chew like a champ.

Does your dog destroy standard chew toys? Keep your champion chewer happy with Bullymake Box, a handpicked curation of American-made chew toys built only for the toughest jaws.

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Q: I got my subscription on Cratejoy but it shows it nowhere. It just keeps resubscribing and I have tried to cancel it on the Bullymake site. It’s a wonderful box but my dog is too small for the toys Asked by Jessie T., February 2020

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Q: Where does Bullymake box ship?Asked by Rochelle C., April 2019

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Q: What comes in my Bullymake box?Asked by Pam M., April 2019

Bullymake sends 2-3 toys and 3-4 treats. They also have a toys only option that has 4 toys instead of treats.

by Michelle T., April 2019


Q: How do I customize my Bullymake box?Asked by Carolyn M., April 2019

You can customize it in your account or you can choose to allow Bullymake to curate the box for you

by Jennifer C., April 2019

Reviews (6)

Bullied By Bullymake

Apr 28, 2019
Sarah O.
1 Review
5 Helpful

Please think long and hard before subscribing to this box.
1. The toys are okay-they are tough, but tend to be the same thing over and over again. My dog was pretty unexcited by them.
2. Biggest problem-Once you subscribe, they will not let you cancel!! They will keep sending the boxes and charging you no matter what contact you make. My experience was getting lots of syrupy emails wishing me happiness but taking no responsibility for their failure to cancel despite the evidence of prior emails being sent. Honestly feel this company is disreputable.

Love It

Jun 20, 2019
Martha C.
1 Review

We love it - long lasting toys is just what we need!

Apr 04, 2019
Sara P.
1 Review

I love this box! i have tried other subscriptions for my bully pit and this one is pretty good!

Stronger chew toys are best

Mar 15, 2019
Deonna B.
1 Review

My dog chews through everything so we appreciate good quality strong chew toys.

Zoey loves it

Mar 07, 2019
Glass E.
1 Review

My dog is constantly breaking her toys so a monthly box of chew toys is perfect for us

super cut

Feb 14, 2019
Kayla T.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful

I love this box! i have tried other subscriptions for my furbabies and this one is pretty good! it's a great value and customer service it awesome!

Bullymake Box

by Bullymake Box
Dogs chew smarter – and toys last longer – with Bullymake's curation of strong, tough chew toys.
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