Call Number
A library-inspired book subscription box celebrating contemporary Black literature and authors.

$20.00+ $18.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.3 of 5 stars
by Lindsay written last month
I was surprised by how much could fit into what seemed like a tiny box. Well worth the price, this crate was packed with unique gifts along with a book I'm already getting hooked by.
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by Jessica written 3 months ago
I subscribed to this service a couple of months ago, and I am elated with these monthly book boxes. The books selected each tell stories about our people that you typically do not see told. Each book box includes the coolest accents that compliment the motif of its novel so well. Expertly curated.
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Excellent curation & value
by Carol written 5 months ago
I received my first Call Number Box today and was charmed and impressed by everything inside. As others have said, everything was tied to the theme in a meaningful--and beautiful--way. And all the special library-themed touches tickled my library-worker soul. Library of Congress classification labels and catalog cards! There's even an adhesive spine label protector so that when you use the spine label on your book you'll ensure it stays put. It looks to me that these extras are included each month, which is an amazing extra that is hard to come by unless you're in the library industry and have the know-how to create these extras. And take it from this cataloger: Jamillah knows her stuff! I just changed my subscription from month-to-month to 6 months prepaid because I have faith that this will continue to be an excellent monthly infusion of great literature in my life. I highly recommend this subscription!
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Wonderful book box
by Sara written 5 months ago
I wasn't sure whether one book for at this price was going to feel like a good deal but WOW - all of the extras are amazing. Everything was beautifully themed--nothing random. The extras are packaged so well and so carefully thought out. There was a note and signature plate from the author in this month's box, along with other surprises. I am absolutely charmed by this box (and I haven't even read the book yet!). One of my resolutions for 2017 was to read more books written by authors of color - this box is one great way to do start doing that. Recommended!
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Wonderful Subscription
by Alison written 5 months ago
Call Number Box continues to astonish me every month with outstanding book selections and beautiful book-related items. I particularly appreciate the letter from the author in each box that introduces the book as well as the note from Jamillah describing the special items she has included with the book. It's like meeting an author and receiving a gift from a friend (with excellent taste!) all at once. The care that goes into creating each complete box comes through every time and is greatly appreciated!
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Great Book Box and Good Customer Service
by Dawn written 6 months ago
Two months in and I'm still very happy with my subscription. The most recent box had some delays with the book not arriving from the UK publisher in time for shipping, but this was clearly explained in an email from the box proprietor and download of the ebook (as well as a second ebook from the author of the month) was provided for those who didn't want to wait for the physical copy to arrive. Not ideal, but sometimes delays happen and I was happy with the way it was handled. Looking forward to the next box!
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No book
by Jasmine written 6 months ago
I wanted to love this subscription, because the concept is awesome, but when my box arrived, I didn't receive a book and there are relatively no email updates on shipments or themes. There was a note from the publisher about a free e-book, but it included no updates about receiving the book I purchased and I haven't received any since. I hope there will be logistical improvements in the future.
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Very Happy Thus Far
by Bonnie written 6 months ago
I love the books, the creative packaging and I am looking forward to a longstanding relationship.
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No book :(
by Brigette written 6 months ago
Second box arrived, no book inside instead a notice from the publisher about access to an ebook. What a disappointment.
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by Tasha written 6 months ago
I love the thought that is put into each item in the box. The best subscription box I've ever bought!
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