Call Number
A library inspired book subscription box celebrating contemporary Black literature and authors.

$20.00+ / month

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Couldn't wait to start reading...
by Kristine written yesterday
My first Call Number box arrived last week. I couldn't wait to unpack it and see what it contained. It was so much fun! I started the book this weekend and could hardly put it down. I'll be recording my reactions to it on Goodreads!
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by Alexandria written 2 days ago
I am so extremely happy to have the opportunity to purchase this subscription box. So much so that I may opt to try the non fiction in addition to my fiction box. The packaging was impeccable. Extremely pleased.
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by Elle written 28 days ago
i ADORE my Call Number box. the themes are always on point, and the associated items are high-quality. the book selection (fiction box) is excellent; i love getting books from black female authors who i likely wouldn't have heard of otherwise. i highly recommend this box if you're looking for black literature + quality extras!
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by ARIANA written 29 days ago
I subscribe to the fiction box with bookish goodies. The book selection is amazing. The goodies fit into a narrative around the book. I also didn't realize how much my nerdy heart would enjoy having the library card and call number.
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Love this subscription!
by Inge written 2 months ago
I am new to Call Number and I am loving it so far. I subscribed to the nonfiction box for a few months and now I'm switching to the fiction box just for something a little different. I love all of the items that come with each book. And I'm being exposed to new books that I might not have found on my own!
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Another great box!
by Jaye written 5 months ago
I was, as always, delighted with the newest Call Number box. I am not normally a fan of poetry, but this book looks amazing and I can’t wait to dive into it. And the extra items are as great as ever. That Prince pin is one of the best things I hav ever received in a subscription box! Call Number continues to be one of the classiest and most exciting boxes available.
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September 2017 Box!
by Linda written 5 months ago
I'm new to Call Number and I love it! I waited until Saturday morning to unbox my goodies and I'm so excited now! The book Electric Arches is work from a new author for me which is always exciting but all the surrounding loot is so fun! Prince pin, bookmark, nerds rejoice!πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŽŠπŸ“šπŸŽ‰πŸ¦„πŸ™πŸ½
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Monthly Joy!
by Marissa written 5 months ago
I'm an avid book reader and love this subscription. I have the full fiction subscription (book and gifts) and I love it. It's so nice to receive a new book and specially selected gifts each month. I can't imagine ending this box subscription. Some left low reviews because they "did not receive a book." The Call Number team sent an email to all subscribers informing them that the publisher ran out of books, and due to demand, the book would be delayed. They gave everyone who didn't get a book right away the option to download the e-book (I was also among the group that didn't get the book). They showed excellent customer service by informing us ahead of time that we may not receive the book right away.
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great curation & signed bookplates
by Sara written 6 months ago
I have enjoyed all of the boxes I've received - fun to open, lots of cool things inside, & signed bookplates. I love the idea of supporting black authors and business owners.
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by Lindsay written 8 months ago
I was surprised by how much could fit into what seemed like a tiny box. Well worth the price, this crate was packed with unique gifts along with a book I'm already getting hooked by.
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