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Unique art projects that build creativity, fine-art skills & connection with the natural world.
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For kids and teens who love art and nature!

Our Art Boxes feature imaginative projects, quality materials + video lessons that build fine art skills in kids and teens. Designed with care by the artist/educators at Camp Wildcraft, each box encourages young artists to explore and find inspiration in the natural world. There are a total of 6 monthly boxes. See Box Showcase for details!
  • With each new box, kids add more supplies and techniques to their "home-base art studio," and creatively grow as young artists.
  • Homeschool families love our Art Boxes--build your home art program with our immersive, high level content, materials and video lessons.
  • Designed for ages 6 through early teens, with different options and levels of instruction. (Younger children may need some guidance.)
  • These are not "cookie-cutter" crafts, but thoughtfully designed projects which encourage creativity and self expression.
  • Our Family "Add-On Art Pack" provides additional materials for a sibling or adult to complete the project as well! It is shipped in the same box; some materials are shared.

Sneak Peek

Photo of Camp Wildcraft Art Box current box December Box! Metal Embossed Sunburst -- Art Box #1

December Box! Metal Embossed Sunburst -- Art Box #1

For Winter Holidays 2022, our Metal Embossed Sunburst project brings light and joy! Included are a selection of folk art sun images from around the globe to trace and emboss into the soft metal. When complete, vibrantly color the metal with special markers. Paint the wooden disc to frame your Sunburst and hang it up to reflect the vibrant warmth of the sun. A satisfying creative project for kids and adults! Next box is Wild Worlds Clay + Watercolor- featured in video!

Order by December 12th to get this box!

Customer Questions (2)


Q: Do the video lessons teach art skills? Asked by Shari D., January 2022

Camp Wildcraft Art Box answered...January 2022

Yes! The short video lessons (along with the printed instruction sheets) both explain the steps of the project, and teach a variety of drawing, painting, sculpting and mixed-media art techniques appropriate to each project. Each month young artists develop new art skills, learn about new artists and techniques, and build their in-home art studio with a growing collection of art supplies and techniques they can keep exploring and using.


Q: What age is this box best for? Asked by Shari D., January 2022

Camp Wildcraft Art Box answered...January 2022

This Art Box is great for ages 6 through 14. The projects are designed so that both younger kids AND older kids can learn new art skills, work with quality art materials, have fun exploring their creative imagination, and come away with a unique art project they feel proud of. Younger kids may need some help with instructions and set up for the projects. Tweens and teens (even adults) will enjoy this Art Box.

Reviews (7)

Fantastic box!

Jan 30, 2022
Verified Purchase
Sarah A.
4 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 22 days

Really fantastic art box — the quality of the finished pieces are heads above other similar boxes. Really fantastic and even my 7 year-old was able to work totally on her own.

Nov 20, 2021
Hilary H.
1 Review

Your Art Boxes have the most amazing quality art projects. They are so beautifully made. Opening them each month is such a gift. My daughter collects nature treasures and through these art boxes she's has had a way to use them to make art. I am a big fan!

Nov 05, 2021
Liz G.
1 Review

The materials are great, the prompts are great, I love the way it's scaffolded for a number of different comfort levels with art.

Oct 30, 2021
Terah M.
1 Review

These projects are great for showing my 11 year old daughter the process of making art. My daughter has worked on every project. Sometimes she takes them outside to be inspired by the nature around us as she works. Every box has been extremely thoughtful, fun and well designed. The step by step instructions and videos provide guidance and there so so much room for kids to grow both their skills and creativity.

Oct 18, 2021
Rashmi S.
1 Review

My daughter’s very focused when she enjoys something, and she worked on this project for three hours today! She loves the sketchbook and has been drawing in it daily. My husband and I are usually on the computer all day so it was great to do this with the kids!

Sep 27, 2021
1 Review

We love the art boxes! They are so beautiful and wonderfully put together. It's been amazing. Seriously, it has kept my 6 year old daughter's interest all day. And she's not done.

Sep 21, 2021
Lacie F.
1 Review

​I've become a new homeschool mom this year and needed to incorporate more art lessons into my kids' weekly schedule. I started searching for monthly project boxes to inspire them. I showed them probably a dozen to choose from and yours was the clear winner! The videos are perfect, they kept rewinding them to learn more! W were so impressed how easy it was to jump into these creative projects. They are packaged beautifully and provide both art lessons and a creative process that my kids really responded to.

Past boxes from Camp Wildcraft Art Box

"Wild Worlds” Clay Sculpture + Watercolor Painting"--Art Box #2

"Wild Worlds” Clay Sculpture + Watercolor Painting"--Art Box #2

Imagine the wild worlds animals live in by creating your own sculpted and painted landscape. Campers learn clay sculpting and watercolor techniques through the instructional videos. Using air-dry clay and acrylic paint, campers shape and paint miniature animals and create a unique habitat. Their watercolor landscape becomes a vibrant backdrop for the miniature world they assemble on the hand-crafted wooden base.

"At Home in the Wild" Amate Painting + Sketchbook Project" --Art Box #3

"At Home in the Wild" Amate Painting + Sketchbook Project" --Art Box #3

This is the third Art Box all subscribers receive. Observe the natural world outside your door, draw what you see in your Wildcraft sketchbook, and turn your drawings into imaginative paintings inspired by vibrant folk art designs. Based on traditional Amate paintings, created on Ficus tree bark by folk artists in Mexico, you will transform your own drawings into vibrant works of art painted on authentic Amate bark paper, handmade by artisans in San Pablito, Mexico.

Camp Wildcraft Wonder Box-- Art Box #4

Camp Wildcraft Wonder Box-- Art Box #4

Follow your curiosity and create a wooden "Wonder Box." A Camp Wildcraft signature project, you'll build the wooden box (pieces easily fit and glue together) and create a mixed-media sculpture inspired by wonders in the natural world. Art elements include collaging and painting, collecting and arranging found objects in nature, sculpting out of clay, embellishing rocks and shells, and assembling a variety of objects (included in the kit) and from your own collections.

"Printmaking: Stories from the Wild"--Art Box #5

"Printmaking: Stories from the Wild"--Art Box #5

This Art Box includes all the supplies and video lessons for three printmaking projects. 1) Be inspired by a story from nature and use soft foam to create an illustrated print. 2) Draw and press your designs into small styrofoam sheets, print on a canvas banner, and create a set of printed "Gift from Nature" cards to send to someone you care about. 3) Leaf and Insect Stamps: Create wood block stamps to add to your canvas banner!

Inside Out: Still Life & Landscape Painting-- Art Box #6

Inside Out: Still Life & Landscape Painting-- Art Box #6

In this vibrant painting project you will arrange a "still life" composition in front of a window. A still life is a painting of one or more objects that don't move. They are still! You will be painting the objects you arrange--as well as what you see outside the window. If you don't have a window you can easily use, you can imagine one to paint! Included are stretched canvas, small wooden easel to hold + display the canvas, paints, oil pastels, brushes and paint.

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