Castle -- Fractions: 2nd thru 4th Grade

by Math Bricks
A true and unique Play to Learn Math experience in each package! Ages 7 to 11. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

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Math Bricks -- Building an Understanding of Math!

A Subscription Service that combines the fun of building out of Lego® bricks with a tangible exploration of math concepts. Intended for elementary age children, each box contains an exploration of fractions interwoven into the building instructions for each module of a configurable Castle. Each module prepares for future lessons. Patent Pending

  • Each build reviews 2 or more math concepts as they apply to fractions. The lessons are integrated in such a way to give a relaxed real world math exploration while they play.
  • Every new account begins with the First box for the Fraction Castle so no one ever misses out.
  • Lego® and Lego® quality and compatible bricks are used for all models and lessons.
  • Based on decades of research on how children learn, when math becomes engaging for children, and what items are best for relating math concepts. All models and math reviews were designed by an ex-Math Teacher with a Masters in Teaching Mathematics. PATENT PENDING.
  • Each box includes between 125 and 350 bricks to build a section of a castle and a castle themed minifigure. Boxes 4 and 7 also have a horse figure. A portion of the profits from each box go towards providing these toys to underachieving children.

Sneak Peek

Photo of Castle -- Fractions: 2nd thru 4th Grade current box Castle: Beginning Fractions

Castle: Beginning Fractions

The first box contains 100 bricks and a lesson introducing building fraction out of bricks. The final model is a segment of Castle wall that can later be placed anywhere within the Castle configuration. Also in the box is a minifigure, matching game based on the lesson, and other miscellaneous items.

Order by December 29th to get this box!

Customer Questions (4)


Q: How many boxes are in this subscription to complete the series? What about the Kindergarten one as well? ThanksAsked by Rosemarie P., November 2020

Math Bricks answered...November 2020

Thanks for your question. In the Zoo Collection, there are currently 6 models in the Animal Series (Patterns, Count by's, and Symmetry -- mainly Kindergarten level) 6 models in the Habitat Series (Addition and Subtraction -- Kindergarten/1st Grade) 6 models in the Food Series (Multiplication -- 1st Grade/2nd Grade) and 12 in the Gate Series (Multiplication, Division, and Properties there of -- 2nd/3rd Grade). That is a total of 30 models in the Zoo Collection covering Math Basics, Grades K thru 3.
We also have a Castle Collection where we explore Fractions. There are currently 24 models in this collection. Which explores what fractions are, improper fractions, ranking fractions, reducing fractions, as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with fractions.
We continue to...


Q: Does a mini-figure come with each box?Asked by Christi C., November 2020

Math Bricks answered...November 2020

Yes, we have special Castle themed mini figures including a horse minifig with green accents. One is included with each box until one of each type has been mailed and then they repeat. There are 2 female warriors as part of the minifig collection. A picture of each is included in the pictures. There are 8 unique but similarly themed minifigs as part of the collection.


Q: What is the last day that I can subscribe to get this month's box?Asked by Christi C., November 2020

Math Bricks answered...November 2020

Generally speaking, new orders placed by the 28th of the month will get a box mailed by the 5th of the next month (approximately 1 week later unless it is sold out before then).


Q: Are there enough supplies for 2 children to share one subscription box?Asked by Christi C., November 2020

Math Bricks answered...November 2020

The box so it is recommended for only one child. There are not enough bricks for 2 or more children to build each model. And each box only contains one minifigure. Thanks for the question.

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Jan 29, 2021
Verified Purchase
Danielle B.
24 Reviews
20 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

This is so great, my son loves it. He takes it off and does it all and then shows me the math portion he learned. There were a few pieces left out of the second kit but Tina promptly sent out the replacement. It's easy and fun when there is prompt communcation and solutions. I would highly recommend this!

Making Fractions Fun

Nov 08, 2020
Verified Purchase
Christi C.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 4 days

This is an awesome idea! They actually build fractions, not just discuss what they are. I think it really helped my child understand how to interpret and do math with fractions. And they look forward to getting the next part of the castle. I contacted the seller and actually get a box twice a month. For us the timing of every other week is better than once a month. Fractions can be a hard topic to understand -- I know I struggled with them when I was in school -- but I think this makes it easier and I know it makes it more fun.

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