Castle -- Fractions: 2nd thru 4th Grade

by Math Bricks
A true and unique Play to Learn Math experience in each package! Ages 7 to 11.
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Jan 29, 2021
Danielle B.
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This is so great, my son loves it. He takes it off and does it all and then shows me the math portion he learned. There were a few pieces left out of the second kit but Tina promptly sent out the replacement. It's easy and fun when there is prompt communcation and solutions. I would highly recommend this!

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Making Fractions Fun

Nov 08, 2020
Christi C.
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This is an awesome idea! They actually build fractions, not just discuss what they are. I think it really helped my child understand how to interpret and do math with fractions. And they look forward to getting the next part of the castle. I contacted the seller and actually get a box twice a month. For us the timing of every other week is better than once a month. Fractions can be a hard topic to understand -- I know I struggled with them when I was in school -- but I think this makes it easier and I know it makes it more fun.

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