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It’s okay, but wouldn’t subscribe again

Jun 06, 2019
Reena G.
1 Review

The first causebox I got, the fall welcome box was great! I probably used most of the items. But I’m finding that more and more they’re filling it with not very useful items that just sit and collect (like the jade roller, detox herbal steam blend), and the quality isn’t the best, the shawl in the winter box kept leaving white fuzz on my clothes so I couldn’t really wear it.

Not impressed

Apr 12, 2019
Michelle K.
1 Review

This month was a disappointment for me as I received items I’d never use. The portfolio is nice but I’m to afraid to use in in fear items will fall out the sides.

I like the "Cause" more than the box

Apr 04, 2019
Shannon B.
1 Review

I love getting stuff. I mean, who doesn't, right? And to know that all of the stuff in the box support great causes makes it that much better. But honestly, some of the stuff that comes in each box feels like they were trying to hard to come up with something. The yearly planner that came in the winter box was a dud for me. In today's world of technology, who actually uses something like this anymore? And I know that the company wants us to feel that we are getting a huge value for our money, but we all know that the values that they assign to the products are WAY over-inflated. I signed up for the annual subscription so that I could customize my boxes, but I will not be renewing when the year is up.

Okay, but not exciting.

Mar 26, 2019
Sara C.
1 Review

Causebox has some great unique items but more mediocre items then I had hoped. I will say there Spring box is spectacular and almost makes up for the mediocre fall & winter box.


Mar 19, 2019
Julie M.
1 Review

Shipping takes forever (two weeks) and I'm not crazy about the items in this box. I wish they'd do more with organic/naturally derived products in their skin care/makeup because it's so hard to find good clean skincare.

Love the box, hate the shipping

Mar 19, 2019
Samantha J.
1 Review

The spring box is my first and I absolute love it, but the shipping is making me hesitant to purchase a box in the future. My package sat in the same location for over 48 hours, and prior to that it was at a facility only 15 minutes away for 16 hours. It seems like Fedex Smartpost makes a ridiculous amount of stops. It’ll have been 10 days from when I got my shipping notification to when my box was delivered. I wish there was a faster shipping option, even if it meant paying more. It’s very frustrating to watch your package sit in one location for over 48 hours and then when it does move, your delivery has been pushed back.


Feb 15, 2019
Katie M.
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It was pretty basic. Not loving the wrapping paper, another jade roller? The sweater wrap was just not my style. Facial steam was gorgeousness! This was one of my favorite boxes but the last 3 have been blasé.