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Didn't get a box.

Jan 16, 2019
Samantha G.
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I ordered my subscription in the begining of December. I didn't get a December box. I inquired about it and was told that I missed the cut off for December and would be getting my first box in January. January came and now it's the 15th, I inquire again about my box. I was told by Stefanie that the box was delivered according to USPS on the 14th. She suggested I call the Post Office to inquire further. After attempting several times... I have given up. I can't get anyone at the post office to answer the phone. I, also, can't fill out the forrm online because I don't have any of Stefanie's information, to report a missing package. Stefanie insisted several times that I try to find the missing package and was of absolutely no help in the process. She also stated that with 6 kids... she was a busy woman. I'm not sure why that's even necessary to say to a customer who paid for a product that she didn't receive. Personal information is none of my business. I simply expect to get the box that I paid for over a month ago. I was looking forward to this box too. It's a shame I can't write a rave review on it's contents as other customers have. Other box subscriptions were way more helpful (in regards to customer service) than this one. Stefanie just passed the buck on to her customer when a problem came up with delivery....

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Luxe Chakra Box said...Jan 21, 2019

I am so sorry you are having problems figuring out where your box is Samantha. Typically when USPS marks a box delivered to a parcel locker, it is on your apartment complex property. This would not be something I am able to assist you with. As stated in our communication however, once we figure out that the box is actually missing we can move on to the next step which in this case would be a refund since you are having an issue receiving your mail. The USPS system does not accept that a box is missing when it has been shipped in less than 7 business days prior, which is yet to pass. Hopefully you find your box before then. If not, you will...

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