Diverse art projects you can't wait to try!

by Art Kits by Chartiers Creek Creative
New ways to enjoy doing art delivered right to your door, just open the box and start creating!
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Kickass art projects you can't wait to try!

No art skills are required, yet no artist could resist this box! Each box contains all the supplies needed for art projects like paint pouring on canvas, spin art, pillow painting, water marbling, bead jewelry making, alcohol inks, resin geodes w/crystals, sugar scrubs, mandala rock kits & more. Relax & enjoy! Because doing art feels good.

  • Our kits are designed for artists and non artists alike. Easy for beginners, yet challenging for experienced artists!
  • All supplies and tools included. Open the box and get started right away.
  • Learn a new art or technique each month like fluid paint pouring, painting on water, resin art, alcohol ink, mandala stone creations, etc. And yes, you can do these things with no art skills!
  • We test every project before we send it to you. We prepare items when necessary (such as drilling holes for knobs on wood jewelry frames, or blend rock making materials for mandala rock kits, provide templates for free form geodes, etc.)
  • There are many positive health benefits to doing art. It's fun to do, and it also helps relieve stress, increase memory recall, etc. And then you have the final piece to remind you of the positive experience!

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Photo of Diverse art projects you can't wait to try! current box Paint Pour Clock - Fluid Art Album Clock

Paint Pour Clock - Fluid Art Album Clock

Your box comes with a cleverly adapted spin wheel & record album, 6 custom pouring paints, a color matrix chart to mix unlimited colors, silicone (for cells!), a quality clock with beautiful hands. Also includes mixing cups, stir sticks, a disposable apron & gloves. Spin the album while you pour the paint and watch a masterpiece be created before your very eyes! Tilt off extra paint, let dry then add the clock parts. Hang it on the wall and enjoy until the end of time!

Order by August 4th to get this box!


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Past boxes from Diverse art projects you can't wait to try!

Jewelry Frame with Bonus Necklace Kit!

Jewelry Frame with Bonus Necklace Kit!

This stunning jewelry frame has space for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets - and becomes unique to each owner's sparkling pieces. This kit comes with a pre-drilled jewelry frame, ring holders, assorted knobs, chain, hanging wire, all needed hardware, screwdriver/pen/stylus, paint brush, black & white paint & paintbrush. Mix and match however you like! * Bonus necklace making kit included! (Charm tray, cover glass, glue, random paint colors & cord.)

Paint Pouring on Canvas!

Paint Pouring on Canvas!

Our Paint Pouring box is all the rage! Sign up to get two 11x14" stretched canvases, 6 bottles of our in-house acrylic pouring paints (w/silicone), stir sticks, mixing cups, apron, gloves, a color matrix chart for blending colors & instructions for pouring techniques. Do a dirty pour, ring pour, flip cup & more! Anyone who can pour a cup of water can do this art! See pics for supplies and sample pieces created with this kit (plus a few hints for upcoming art boxes)!

Free Form Resin Geode Art Kit w/Quartz Healing Crystals

Free Form Resin Geode Art Kit w/Quartz Healing Crystals

This is an absolutely amazing resin art kit you won't find anywhere else at this price! Artists and non artists will enjoy learning how to create a free-form geode using resin, paints, quartz healing crystals, reflective glass, crushed glass and a bunch of other goodies. We provide templates that you can use or modify, and we walk you through the steps to produce your very own beautiful realistic geode. All you need is a flat surface and a bit of curiosity. Enjoy!

Water Marbling Extravaganza

Water Marbling Extravaganza

This generous kit allows users to explore water marbling with a variety of surfaces including a scrap pack of 6 papers in various sizes, 8 notecards & envelopes, 2 jigsaw puzzles and 2 wood drink coasters. This kit also includes a pan, a stylus kit, 10 gorgeous colors, water thickener, apron and gloves. You will need: water a blender or whisk paper towels or newsprint plastic covered surface for drying

Painted Pillows Art Kit

Painted Pillows Art Kit

Our Painted Pillows Art Kit is a fun easy project with stunning results! Each kit comes with one full 18x18" fluffy pillow, a separate pillow case with zipper, 4 custom fabric paints in spray bottles, spray alcohol, one stencil (may be different from one shown) and a pack of 10 permanent markers. This is a great project to do outdoors with friends! If you need a party pack, let me know and I'll be happy to put it together for you!

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