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Really bummed

Aug 19, 2019
Kiersta B.
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I’m so disappointed in this box. I just received my first one and there were only 3 items. According to the description there should’ve been 5-8.
I’ve emailed their support so if they send me the additional missing items I’ll be happy to try them out and update my review.
I got a jasmine shimmery glittery body spray, a CBD bath bomb with a surprise stone, and a blue calcite stone.
The spray smelled good, but I didn’t get any glitter on my body.
The bath bomb was relaxing, but the surprise gem looks exactly like the cut up marble you see as gravel in French drains or walkways. I swear I looked in their crystal bible,, and did Google searches and it’s the only thing that comes close to describing this rock. It’s kinda depressing, because they say the crystal is a surprise that chooses you. What does it say about me that I got chosen by fancy gravel?!? I’d love to be told I’m wrong and that this is a crystal.

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Maybe I got a bad batch?

Jan 19, 2019
Renee S.
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I purschased this box after looking at several other similar boxes and decided on this one because of the reviews and past boxes. My January box arrived and it had some incense, socks, 1 stone and a headband? Definitely doesn’t seem like $33 worth of stuff... I’ll keep for one more month for another box but was very disappointed

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Chasin' Unicorns said...Jan 22, 2019

Hi Renee -- we are so sad that you didn't like this months box. This month we did one large crystal, instead of a few smaller ones, and we also included a planning notepad that you should have received as well. We ensure that every box is worth double in value if not more. Based on your feedback we will be including more crystals (not just large ones) - We got a lot of positive reviews off this months box, so we were sad to see yours. But we believe that you will love next months box even better. Thank you for giving us a chance and for your feedback. We have shared with the team to ensure our boxes are even better and customers...

Not what I expected...

Jan 22, 2019
Ashley C.
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I was so excited to join this subscription. Got my first package and it is nothing like what is advertised. Cancelled after one month. Not impressed not worth the money.

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Chasin' Unicorns said...Jan 25, 2019

Hello Ashley! Unfortunately for the first time we are receiving quite a few backlash from other subscribers after this months box. Which is a bummer to us because it’s the first box of the year, we were really excited about it ourselves, and love and use the items daily for yoga, meal-prepping, planning, and cleansing. We announced in our IG any times that we would not use a box this time around, for two of the items could not fit. For the first time, we did not include any bath items or home products which we didn't take into consideration at first - so we noted! From here on out we decided we will always include bath&beauty products, either ours or an outside brand; We...

Oct 18, 2018
Sara S.
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The necklace they sent which was “worth $45” broke before I could even get it on. Super disappointing. The other stuff was okay.

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Chasin' Unicorns said...Jul 12, 2019

Hi Sara,

Thank you for all of your past support and we apologize for such a late response. We have started working with a new team and are currently going through a rebranding period. Our relaunch has been a learning process and we take your feedback into consideration and very seriously. We are so sad to hear that your necklace broke before it you even got to wear it and that the other products did not meet your expectations. We will be shipping you a complimentary subscription box to show our appreciation of having you as a past customer and in hopes of regaining your trust. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can personally...

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