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3.4 of 5 stars
by ChloeBecker written 13 days ago
I never received my first coloring book, but I did get the two others. Once i had received them the quality was okay, and they had a lot of interesting pictures to color but also a bit generic. I think it's alright to skip and put your money toward a better quality colouring subscription.
by Amanda written last year
I have never received my product. I purchased this nov 22nd. It shouldn’t take a month to receive the coloring book. And no one has responded to me either. Very disappointed. I wanted this for my son and to have before Christmas.
Not worth 8 bucks a month
by Nicole written last year
Sorry to say, but it's not worth the price. The quality of the paper is good. Otherwise, they are nothing to write home about. The illustrations are OK at best. And it is just a slim, flimsy coloring "book", with not many pages. Definitely, not worth the price.
Charged but never received
by Diane written last year
Canceled this sub...charged my payment but the product did not arrive...emails are sporadically answered with 'wait and see' attitudes...Still trying to get the payment refunded
by Kelly written 2 years ago
Brendan was wonderful helping out with a shipping problem I had, and immediately offered to send another copy because I didn't receive my first. I have received 3 different months' worth, and each have been great! They increased the size recently, so the books are worth the price!
by Heather written 2 years ago
Very disappointed to receive such a small book of coloring pages. Not worth the price.
Chroma Review
by Paula written 2 years ago
I enjoy the carefully curated coloring pages because they serve to a specific theme for the month. I also like how the booklet is a small size so it's easy to travel with and coloring a full page is not such a difficult task. The quality of the paper is not of a flimsy material, so it does not take away from the art I choose to make with the pages. Overall, this product allows me to relax and enter a therapeutic state. I recommend this to my friends and family as it is a great gift for anyone.
Excellent Customer Service!
by Sheila written 2 years ago
I had purchased Chroma Club for a friend. The friend moved just as her first packet was to be shipped, in order to make sure that she received her package, Matthieu offered to mail a second one to her. Thanks for being so caring about your members! A++
Not worth the price!
by Charnita written 2 years ago
I was so disappointed to review my first (and only) month's coloring "book" - and I use the term loosely because it's FAR from a book. It's just a handful of pages put together and folded in half. I can print out plenty of pages like this myself for FREE. I thought I was getting an actual book. I can get a full book with 3-4 times as many pages for half the price on Amazon. Save your money!
Great coloring book for adults
by Kitiya written 2 years ago
I love how the book is so small that I can carry it anywhere without feeling like a burden to me so I can color wherever I go. All the artwork is interesting with a combination of simple and complex artwork. On a long day, I just want to sit down and color some easy pictures to wind down. This is perfect for me. I also think this could be a great gift for my mom or friends who like coloring. Who would not like coloring??
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