Classic Washi Stickers

10 Natural Colored Washi Tape Set, Delivered Monthly

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Plans as low as $17.95 / month
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  • Your first box will ship out within 3 business days upon successful billing. Subsequent boxes will be shipped on the same date as your first box. Est shipping time - US, CA: 1-3 weeks | Worldwide: 2-4 weeks
  • Ships worldwide from Hong Kong
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Beautifully Crafted Classic Washi Tapes
Looking for a monthly box of warm-colored Washi Tapes? Showcase your creativity with our specially curated high-quality natural color washi tapes, made of durable paper & gentle adhesive. Our washi tapes can stick to most clean surfaces and remove easily without any sticky residue. Subscibe now and save 10% OFF your first box - Use code: 10FIRSTBOX
  • Starts from only $17.95 / mo
  • Over 200+ high quality natural color washi tapes delivered over 12 months
  • Perfect for scrapbooking, decorating planners, journals, walls and gift wrapping
  • Each monthly box features a unique coloured theme
  • No commitment, cancel anytime

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