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Healthy Gluten Free Snacks!
by virginia written Apr 23, 2018
As a mom with a full schedule, I find myself relying on snacks to get me through the day. Its important to me that these snacks are healthy and provide me with energy versus the dreaded sugar crash we get from so many of today's snacks. Clean Fit box gives me exactly what I'm looking for month after month. I love that it also helps me support and learn about companies who are committed to quality ingredients.
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by Ashley written Feb 27, 2018
My four year old daughter and I absolutely love the monthly goodies we receive in our Box. It's like Christmas every time we open them up, and I love that the clean treats are perfect for sharing. In addition to the quality products we receive, the customer service and care is top notch. I'd definitely recommend this subscription box to others!
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Healthy fun snacks and supplements
by Katie written Feb 12, 2018
Clean fit box has been amazing since we started receiving them. The snacks and items included are so great, and especially great for travel! The customer service we received as well has been such a great experience. We had asked for gluten free and sure enough all the boxes include gf snacks and supplements! We can’t wait to continue our subscription! I highly Recommend clean fit box to everyone!
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Healthy, Clean Fun snacks
by Eric written Feb 06, 2018
My Fiancee and I won a contest on Instagram with Clean Fit Box and it gave us 3 months of free service. When the 1st box arrived we were shocked at all the goodies we received. Everything was Gluten Free like I asked for, it was neatly packaged, the snacks were amazing. Things that we had never seen or had before, things that we wouldn't normally buy but we enjoyed. The following 2 boxes that followed were just as great and did not disappoint, the boxes were packed to the top full of delicious healthy goodies. I highly recommend Clean Fit Box for your healthy snacking needs. You will not be disappointed, Clean Fit Box makes it super easy as well and the customer service is unmatched. I look forward to starting our own subscription!
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Health snacks, with full-sized items
by Luyba written Nov 28, 2017 has introduced me to most of my favorite healthy snack brands. With every box, I end up purchasing more. I also think the box has a lot of value for what you pay. Every month, it comes stuffed to the brim with awesome snacks, and often full-sized items! It's pretty incredible how much variety and thoughtfulness goes into each one! I cannot wait until my next box!
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Incredible order!
by Sydney written Nov 27, 2017
I live a very busy lifestyle with school in full swing most of the year, but box is something I look forward to every month! It is packed full of a variety of not only interesting, but healthy mixes, bakes, and snacks for people like me! They are also very accommodating to vegetarians!
Love this Yummy Healthy Monthly Box!
by Christine written Nov 26, 2017
I look forward to getting my Box every month! Through this subscription I get to try healthy snacks, drinks and other items that I wouldn't have found out about otherwise. There are so many items from the boxes that I now order and/or buy and eat regularly. And now it's easier to keep healthy snacks on hand. I appreciate the recipe tips also, and appreciate that so many of the items help support needy people. I highly recommend this monthly box!
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Best Subscription Box Out There!
by Michelle written Nov 24, 2017
I have always led a healthy lifestyle and loved finding new snacks and healthy products. The Clean.Fit.Box makes those discoveries so much easier! I have discovered so many new products that I absolutely love because of this box. If you are thinking about trying this out I would highly recommend doing so!
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So yummy!
by Alison written Nov 24, 2017
The Clean.Fit box has opened my eyes to so many delicious (and clean) snacks. We always look forward to our midmonth delivery. There are many companies that are now my go to’s that I’ve discovered from this box.
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Delicious and all-natural snacks!
by Audrey written Jul 24, 2017
This box helped me discover many great snacks, workout supplements, and protein powders - all of it 100% clean! Perfect for my healthy and fit lifestyle. Highly recommend!
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